Doll houses at the Museum of Childhood



Sindys – the blonde one in the middle reminds me of a Sindy my sister used to have, my Sindys used to be more dark haired and secretaryish

Me and the kids went to the V&A Museum of Childhood today, principally to do a couple of workshops but we thought we’d have a look at the dolls houses exhibition to (we also had a look around some of the other exhibits, which is where I saw the blast from my past Sindys). The workshops were very good (making a paper house and illustrating a story) and we liked the dolls houses as well, although personally I preferred the more modern ones (although the level of details in all of them was astounding). I also liked how the exhibition used the dolls houses to illustrate how the buildings we live in have changed, from large old houses, to lodging houses, to Surrey stock broker houses, to blocks of flats. There was some good dressing up opportunities to (as always).


IMG_3928 IMG_3929


I think our absolute favourites though were the art pieces at the end, where they had got various artists and designers to design dolls house rooms in simple wooden boxes. Below are some of our favourites from that display.



I always dreamed of an underwater aquarium bathroom by Katy Christianson



Home is bear the heart is by Mister Peebles


Library (a recent plan) by Liberty Art Fabrics Interiors



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