How Does My Garden Grow – overwintering succulents


My beloved succulents got kicked out of the house last year, which was fine in the summer, quite a big risk in the winter and I did loose two and severely damaged a third (now back indoors) but the others actually did okay. Most of them live in a collection of cheap IKEA mini greenhouses on my patio table. I’ve kept an eye on them over winter and it’s been fascinating to see how a couple of them changed colour from green to red, one of them (I am rubbish at remembering my plants names), doing it particularly strikingly. Well the aforementioned particularly striking succulent has recently pushed the boat out even further, as in what seems like a blink of an eye it seems to have had a growth spurt. You can see it in the picture above, you have the rich red leaves from over winter and  the sudden sprouting of the new grey green growth. You can’t see it in the picture but it looks like it might be about to flower to, I will be watching it eagerly.


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