Capture real life – week 10 – where I live


The challenge this week was to capture where we live. Now I’m lucky to live in a very green part of London


With access to lots of nearby parks and the river Thames.

IMG_3973 IMG_3977 IMG_3978 IMG_3984

This green space, as well as good shops and schools and a reasonable social scene –

IMG_3998 IMG_4001IMG_4003

– makes the area extremely expensive to live in –


– and this in it’s turn can warp some attitudes a bit, as although some affordable housing is being built, that makes others in turn complain about ‘skyscrapers’ –


– I think personally just because you can afford a million pound plus house doesn’t mean you should try and exclude other people from living where you live and as other people don’t have a million odd pounds spare, that means they have to live somewhere smaller and as there are an awful lot of people in that position of needing to buy somewhere smaller, i.e. a flat, that means a block of flats and they aren’t exactly skyscrapers (sorry I’m getting preachy).

I love where we live, I moved around relatively frequently as a kid and so, even though we’ve only lived here ten years, this is the longest I’ve ever lived in one spot and I am proud to call this home (even though there are some people here who seem to live on another planet). Because of the inequality of house prices we will probably eventually have to leave, we should have really done it years ago but the kids were in a good school and I guess you want for your kids what you didn’t have yourself as a child, I hated moving around, so I didn’t want to do that to my kids. It will be hard to go.


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