Taking Stock – April 2015

Over on Meet Me At Mikes they’re taking stock, so I thought I’d play along to.

Making : Too much stuff. I’m still working my way through the KonMari method and it’s making me think a lot about what I have in the house and one of those things is my craft projects, as not only do they take up space whilst I’m making them, they take up space once they’re made (unless they’re given away or sold) and as (according to the KonMari method) everything in my house should bring me joy, I’ve been questioning whether some of my WIPs are bringing me joy and whether once complete are they going to bring me joy to? I’m sure I’m like a lot of crafters with a pile of WIPs, one of the reasons why that pile is there is because sometimes one of the things you’re working on stops bringing you joy, at least for a little while, so at that point do I chuck my WIP out or persevere knowing that when it’s completed the act of finishing will bring me joy? I haven’t quite got round to deciding with most of my WIPs yet, even though when I think about how much space they take up *shudder* (I live in a tiny 2 bed flat with three other people), although there is one WIP that is going to go, an EPP project, the fabric that I had bought for it way way last year and which, to be honest, has been slowly disappearing onto other projects anyway, will be moved to my main stash, the bags I’ve been keeping the project in emptied. Another WIP that may go is a Wool and the Gang cardigan, it’s being knit on gigantic needles and I am not convinced that it’s going to fit when finished, I may be wrong, I’m still an inexperienced knitter but the feeling of doubt when knitting it is not exactly joyful. Same with the ankle warmers I’m on and off currently knitting (although at least they take up less space), I’m knitting them on 4 dpns, my first time using them and ooh particularly the first half of the first ankle warmer (and I’m still on the first ankle warmer) looks so ropey. Knitting as the weather gets warmer is loosing it’s attraction to. I am also working on another EPP project (although that’s mainly getting ignored at the moment and is taking up space). What I’m working on the most at the moment though (and is bringing me joy), is a cross stitch pattern from Modern Folk Embroidery, I’m stitching it with Modern Folk’s embroidery wool, which I’ve had in my stash for a while now and I should have used earlier because it is a complete and utter joy to use.


Cooking : I haven’t been well, so nothing more exotic than toast most of the time.

Drinking : mainly water, due to not being well but I’m on the mend and currently as I’m typing this I’m drinking an Innocent strawberry and banana smoothie and I have a pineapple, coconut and banana smoothie waiting for me in the fridge. My favourite Innocent smoothie flavour is the kiwi one but that doesn’t have banana in (I’m not normally big on bananas, unless they’re in banana bread) but my body is telling me I need them at the moment.

Reading: Birthdays for the Dead by Stuart MacBride and wincing my way through the audiobook of The Ship by Antonia Honeywell, although if you were to look at my currently reading shelf on Goodreads, you’d see there are also 11 other books on there, over the last few years I’ve not been good at finishing books. If I am absolutely sure I’m not going to actually finish it, I will take the book off my currently reading shelf but as I hate doing that and therefore that makes me very rarely absolutely sure that I am not ever going to finish it. So, what I tend to do, if I’m trying to be good, is have one book on the go that I’m really enjoying (in this case Birthdays for the Dead) and at the same time I’ll have another book which I’m just trying to get over and done with (in this case The Ship). I know, I know, why am I still bothering to read The Ship if I don’t like it? Well, it’s the old case of although I’m not particularly enjoying it (in this case because the main character is soooo annoying), I do want to know what happens at the end, so I’m gritting my teeth.

Wanting: a holiday. Holidays were something we gave up when I quit my job to become a stay at home mum when Girl Lacer was born eleven years ago. I started working part time, some years way more part time than other years, since she was 1 (and I was pregnant with Boy Lacer) but my part time salary has never been much and obviously we went from just having to feed and clothes ourselves to having to feed and clothe four of us, so money was stretched further. We did go to Disneyland Paris a few years ago on the back of some inheritance, we’ve been camping a couple of times, we have ‘holidays’ at my dad’s and I did have a slightly disastrous day trip to Paris earlier this year but the pleasure of being able to look in the holiday brochures (or I guess it’d just be researching online these days) and going “let’s go there” is long gone and oh there are places I want to see.

Looking: I didn’t get to see the Constable exhibition that was on at the V&A earlier this year but I remember seeing a lot of this image around about that time and it’s still haunting me in a way, as I pay way more attention to tree trunks now, I think before I was more into the branches and the leaves.

Study of the trunk of an elm tree - John Constable - 1821
Study of the trunk of an elm tree – John Constable – 1821

Playing: Plants vs. Zombies, still. They had an update with new vase breaker levels, that’s kept me happy.

Deciding: I’m due some surgery towards the end of this year and into the next (and there I had been thinking earlier this year that the surgeries would likely all be this year but bless the NHS, it moves at it’s own pace and I just need to be patient), so making decisions on anything else in my life right now is tricky, even though some decisions do need to be made, but I’m in a kind of holding pattern at the moment.

Wishing: That the appointment for a test I need before one of the operations is considered would hurry up (I haven’t even got the date yet for the test).

Enjoying: Netflix. So far I’ve watched Firefly and Serenity and I’m catching up with House of Cards.

Waiting: for that appointment letter.

Liking: the smoothie I’ve just drunk.

Wondering: what my daughter’s new school is going to be like, exciting times ahead!

Loving: seeing my husband getting really absorbed into his new position at work.

Pondering: who’s going to win the election, I know who I want to win but I think this is probably going to be the hardest one to predict since, well at least since I was old enough to start paying attention to these things.

Considering: trying to save some money (ha ha).

Buying: today happens to be pay day ie day I have to most control any spending urges, I have bought today (as well as the smoothies), some art supplies that I spent all last week considering and researching and deciding that yes I actually did need them, a natural insect repellant as I’m already getting bitten to death and a new type of hayfever medicine which I am intrigued about and really hoping it will work (otherwise I’ve just wasted £9.99). I get really bad hayfever, normal hayfever tablets don’t work for me, only those corticosteroid sprays and even with them I have to remember to start taking it before the hayfever season starts and then be absolutely certain not to miss a dose. I’m happy to take the corticosteroids if that’s my only option and that was what I was planning on buying today but I saw a new type of barrier spray next to the corticosteroids and I thought that sounded a bit healthier and (according to the packet), you need to only take it as needed, so I’m going to be giving it a try.

Watching: Game of Thrones (of course), Travel Man (does not help with the holiday urges), Critical (which is absolutely, literally bloody brilliant and not for the squeamish, although I’m squeamish and I still watch it because the characters are so good), Code of a Killer (which makes me both proud and sentimental about my old pre-kid career and even more annoyed with the Tories) and Hinterland (which had a one off special recently, it’s mine and my dad’s shared favourite programme, it’s all about people going round North Wales being miserable and killing each other, they need to make more!).

Hoping: my broadband holds out.

Marvelling: at how more put together my 11 year old is compared to me.

Cringing: at the Tory party, they’re beginning to sound desperate.

Needing: to get myself out of making just toast.

Questioning: what the politicians of all the parties are saying in the news at the moment.

Smelling: the flat, last week, when all of us were ill, not pleasant.

Wearing: jeans that are too big for me and I hate them.

Following: @herdyshepherd1, as I quite fancy some nice farm pictures in my Twitter stream for a change.

Noticing: how much I’m appreciating what I’ve done with the KonMari method so far, I’ve recently KonMaried my underwear drawer and it makes me smile every time I open it. Knowing that I can open my underwear drawer and immediately pull out a matching pair of socks without spending 10 minutes searching through an overstuffed drawer and then giving up and wearing the socks I wore yesterday (yes I know), well, it’s a good start to the day.

Knowing: that although I am not completely following the precise order of the KonMari method (it’s difficult in a tiny flat and trying to do it around three other people), I need to stick with it because it seems to be working so far.

Thinking: when I’m feeling a bit more recovered I need to go for a walk and enjoy this recent nice weather.

Admiring: Angelina Jolie

Sorting: still my bedroom come office come craft space, the KonMari method specifically says not to do it room by room but my bedroom is the one room in the flat where I have the most control, so if I can get the method to work in that room, I can then move onto others.

Getting: nothing if I can control my spending urges, although the kids need some more school uniform, so there’s always that.

Bookmarking: Photoshop shortcuts for a Skillshare class.

Coveting: the Apple watch, I go all droolly every time I see the advert, so it’s a good thing I don’t have £299 to spare. I am sure that at some point in my life I am probably going to get one but I am trying to think of it as if you look at the Apple watch now, that watch is basically at the same point as the original iPhone and iPad, so if you wait a few generations, it’s going to be even better (and hopefully have more than 18 hours battery life).

Disliking: UKIP.

Opening: windows.

Giggling: at Birthdays for the Dead, which sounds a bit odd and wrong, as it’s a murder thriller about a very sick pervert abducting and murdering 12 year olds (so it feels a bit too close to home) but there are some funny bits in it.

Feeling: better than I did yesterday!

Snacking: not much, but if it’s got salt on it, it’s mine.

Helping: out with parent rep stuff.

Hearing: The Show Ponies (still), they’ve been my most played playlist on Spotify for quite a while now, to the extent where I’m now trying to find some new music to listen to but I keep coming back!


2 thoughts on “Taking Stock – April 2015

  1. Sorry to hear you are not well. Hope you feel better soon. After your review of The Magic of Tidying, I decided to give it a go as well, despite not having enough clothes to throw away. I may be a bit half hearted about it but it is working after a fashion. Can I plead with you not to throw away your craft stuff, A few years ago in a tidying moment I threw away the back copies of my “Pins and Needles magazines from the 60s and 70s and have regretted it ever since. If the knitting is not making you happy then rip it back by all means but the wool can be repurposed and if the garment is not on the pins it doesn’t take up so much room… So far I have done my sock draw and underwear draw and have found it theraputic. I did manage to throw away a few items of clothing- generally the things I clean up in , moved some clothes into that category and then spent a small fortune on some new clothes. I’m not even going to bother trying to declutter my cds, ,” books” is a work in progress , Papers holds out the most promise for progress. Good luck with the rest.

  2. Hi ohsewsimple

    I’m glad you’re finding The Magic of Tidying helpful to, it’s amazing what tidying up an underwear drawer can do! Don’t worry, if I do give up on that cardigan I will keep the wool, luckily my wool stash is nowhere near as big as my fabric stash.

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