A Song for the Dying

A Song for the DyingA Song for the Dying by Stuart MacBride

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I couldn’t resist after the first Ash Henderson book going straight onto the second. This one opens with Ash in prison, unable to get out even though he’s been cleared of his brother’s murder, as every time he’s up for review, Mrs. Kerrigan arranges for her goons (normally other disgraced ex-policemen, the prison’s full of them) to start a fight. However a serial killer that Ash ‘let escape’ 8 years previously is back and he’s released on license to help catch him.

The book is at times gruesome and there are some great fight sequences and it’s very dark but I couldn’t put it down. The book in a way is a bit clichéd but it sort of knows it is, for example the amount of murders in fictional Oldcastle, every other person must be a serial killer. One of my favourite scenes was when Ash and a colleague are visiting the site of where one of the victims was dumped and they’re talking about another one of the victims.

Colleague: here’s a fun fact for you: one of the ambulance men who saved Laura Strachan, himself went onto become the last ever victim of another serial killer, the Nightmare Man. Personally, if I lived in Oldcastle, I’d move.

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