Broken Skin

Broken Skin (Logan McRae, #3)Broken Skin by Stuart MacBride

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’ve been trying to think why am I so into Stuart MacBride books at the moment, thanks to my current addiction I haven’t read so many crime novels back to back since I was seriously into them when I was in my 20s. I think what I like about Stuart MacBride books is that although at times they are gruesome, they concentrate far more on the police team investigating the crimes than the crimes themselves. What put me off my crime book fandom when I was in my 20s, was the fact that (1) a lot of crime authors wrote books, which other than changing the crime slightly and the characters, were pretty much identical and (2) they spent so long in the murderer’s head it was getting uncomfortable. In Broken Skin, we do get the rapist’s viewpoint for very brief sections of the book but it’s enough to show that the rapist is a sick bastard without going into overkill. I also like how the crimes are much more varied in MacBride’s books. In Broken Skin there is the aforementioned rapist, as well as a very violent 8 year old and a BDSM act gone wrong. MacBride’s books aren’t high literature but I am reading purely for fun at the moment and I like the soapish element of what goes on between all the characters in Aberdeen’s FHQ, I will of course be reading the next one.

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