On the menu – Ham, Cheese and Leek Scones



My misshapen scone adventures continue, for someone who doesn’t ‘like’ scones I seem to be making quite a few, although I’m coming to realise that my scone prejudice is more due to bad scones in my youth, the sort you could kill someone with if you chucked it at their head, they were that hard and dense. These ones, ham, cheese and leek scones are from The Violet Bakery Cookbook and they are, put it this way, luxury scones, as I normally see scones as fairly cheap to make things but these greedy things required a hell of a lot parmesan, yoghurt and ham, so as well as being not exactly low fat, they also required a specific shop to get enough ingredients. But if you can’t go and make some luxury scones every now and then, well.

Luckily considering the extra shopping and the extra calories and actually probably because of those extra calories, these scones tasted delicious. The leeks were really well cooked down (thanks to the recipe instructions), so they had almost melted into the scones, leaving behind an excellent flavour. The scones are a bit of a funny shape but that it probably because I had to cheat a bit on the chilling stage, as I was running out of time but then again, my scones don’t often look that scone like anyway.


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