On the menu: Thug Kitchen



I’m in a cooking rut, so I thought I’d try out Thug Kitchen, which is famous for its frequent use of profanities and perhaps controversial use of the word ‘Thug’. Putting that all aside (and the swear word laden recipe instructions make me chuckle), it looks a pretty good book. I’ve only made one recipe so far mind you, the leek and potato soup but if you can judge the rest of the book on that, it’s going to be delicious.

The book is vegan, which is good, now I’m not a vegan, I’m not even vegetarian but as someone who infrequently eats meat, I’ve been getting kind of tired of buying cookbooks which have whole chapters devoted to food I am probably never going to eat, so I need more vegan / vegetarian cookbooks in my life. Taking the leek and potato soup as an example, I’m used to my leek and potato soup not normally being quite that colour, as leek and potato soup normally has milk or cream in it. So as well as changing the colour a bit, the addition of milk or cream increases the fat content too, which is not good for me at the moment, so a vegan version was definitely ideal. A lot of the recipes in the book do use vegan alternatives to dairy products, such as almond milk and when I get to cooking those recipes, I’m almost certainly going to be substituting actual milk for those, as although I agree there’s some iffy questions about milk, I tend to use it so infrequently, switching to an alternative, specially when I live with someone who does use milk a lot more than I do, so there is always milk in the house, wouldn’t make much sense financially. But going back to the leek and potato soup, this doesn’t haven’t any alternative dairy products in it either, it’s just leeks, garlic, potatoes and vegetable stock and you know what, it tastes just as creamy or possibly even more so, than ‘normal’ leek and potato soup, so a result for both taste buds and waistline.


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