Girl Lacer has started to show interest in washing her face (yay, I’ve been trying for years!), so she asked for some flannels, now I know I could have just gone down to Boots but the old ‘why buy something when you can make it’ kicked in, never mind the fact that I still had to go and buy the 100% cotton wool to do it.

I used the log cabin washcloth pattern from Purl Bee and I have to admit I didn’t totally understand it and I did bodge it a bit, the picking up stitches bit was hard, but I am still pleased with the results and more importantly, so is Girl Lacer. She’s been poorly recently, so the wet flannel on the head treatment came in very handy (I knitted the one with the light blue centre first, which is the one she’s been using, which is why it looks almost twice as big as the one on the left, which I’ve only just finished, I guess once wet, that one too will increase in size).

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