Taking Stock – June

Inspired by Meet Me At Mike’s Taking Stock, here’s mine for June –

Making : This month has seen a bit of a creative resurgence for me, so I’ve been quite busy. As well as the Tuesday Bassen pillow, the owl and the washcloths, I’ve been working on some cross stitches with Modern Folk Embroidery’s beautiful wool, have been back on with knitting my blanket, have been working on my EPP quilt and (excitingly) have recently started a freelance job doing some tapestry work!

June craft

L to R, top to bottom: 

EPP  2015 mood quilt

Bienvenue – pattern from Cross-Stitch Samplers by Majorie Massey – I’ve made quite a major mistake on this one and haven’t yet managed to bring myself to do the unpicking.

Home Sweet Home – pattern by Modern Folk Embroidery – I’ve run out of red embroidery wool and Modern Folk Embroidery is currently out of stock

2014 mood blanket

Cooking : Whilst my craft mojo is back, my cooking mojo still isn’t really, however having recently found Thug Kitchen, I can feel myself getting at least a bit excited again. Meanwhile I’ve been trying to get back to cooking by cooking old much loved recipes I don’t really need the recipe book for, like spaghetti bolognese.

Drinking : Way too much coke. I flirted briefly with the varying new flavours of Diet Coke (I’m normally a Coke Zero girl), as the cherry and the citrus ones seemed quite novel but then I was hit, mid can, by the overwhelming realisation that what I was drinking really really tasted like cough medicine and not in a good way.

Reading: I sort of came to the end of my crime splurge this month, I’m still reading some but I’m trying to force myself back onto other genres now but gently, so for example I’ve been reading a book set in the medieval era (Plague Land) but handily for my blood thirsty reading habits at the moment, it’s still got some murders in it. However looking at the books I’m currently reading; The Woods (kids getting murdered at camp) and Random (told from the perspective of a serial killer), maybe I’m kidding myself I’m over my crime jaunt!

Wanting: a holiday in a castle but with zero stress of preparation and getting there (not that I have to worry about the stress part due to the handy not being able to afford it anyway).

Looking: I had a look round the new V&A shoes exhibition earlier this month, I got in free as I have a membership and because I got in free, it was okay but if I had paid, I’m not sure I would have been that impressed. BUT – big proviso, I’m pretty much not a shoe person, I am slavishly loyal to Doc Martens and Converses (funnily enough I don’t think I saw those at the exhibition) but I am definitely not the type to go all squeally over a pair of high heels. So, if I hadn’t already had membership, I doubt I would have forked out to pay and go and look at it anyway and presumably those that do pay, like shoes, so probably would like the exhibition. On the plus side for the exhibition, it is as usual for a V&A exhibition, beautifully set out and very atmospheric and I really liked the short films playing, so it’s actually probably worth seeing just for the beautiful display.

Playing: I have a long history playing Civilization, playing it back in the old days and playing many versions since. My old Mac was struggling playing it though and did not have the specs for the latest version (Beyond Earth), so when my old Mac was clearly struggling with pretty much everything (not just playing games), I had to upgrade and since then I’ve been on a Civ fest, yay!

Deciding: I had to decide whether to get a new Mac this month, I use my Mac for work and it was getting embarrassingly unreliable but I am the sort of stubborn person who will keep using something until absolutely no part of it works, so as my Mac was still technically working and as I didn’t really have the money for a new one, I continued. I gave in this month though and bought a new one and you know how when you’re so used to something and then you upgrade and it’s only then do you realise quite what you were putting up with? Well it was that.

Wishing: for the house fairy to some how magic up a property we could actually afford.

Enjoying: my new freelance job (the one with the tapestry).

Waiting: on more medical appointments, as per usual.

Liking: the weather, most of the time, although I’m very English, so there is a very fine line between too cold and too hot.

Wondering: what it would be like right now if we had made a move up to Scotland, which we did sort of think about a few years ago. The stories you hear about some nationalists and their attitudes to English people up there are worrying.

Loving: working in the garden (as in actual work, not gardening, which I sorely need to do).

Pondering: is Pinterest on the wain? Earlier this month my Pinterest was looking pretty dull but it must have been a blip because it’s perked up again now. But it made me think about how particularly dependent Piinterest is on it’s users; during the blip I wasn’t pinning hardly anything because there wasn’t anything interesting to pin, presumably because the pinners I follow were finding anything interesting to pin either and the people who follow me wouldn’t have been pinning much (at least from me), as I wasn’t pinning many pins. So (interesting question), how many users would it take to stop pinning before the site began to grind to a halt or at least grind to a halt in say for example craft pins?

Considering: applying for a job out of the home; I have one part time job (where I work from home) plus this new freelance work (also from home) and there are lots of benefits to working from home, specially if you have kids but working out of the house has it’s novelties to, particularly when you’ve been working from home for a long time like I have. And I saw this job come up, it was pretty ideal, I had the experience for it, the hours were good and it was local but I know with all the medical stuff I have on at the moment, what was ideal for me, wasn’t necessarily ideal for a new employer who would hire someone (if they hired me), who would then need time off on medical leave, not the greatest way to start a new job, so I didn’t apply. I’m hoping though that this particular employer will have similar vacancies in the future when all the medical stuff is over and done with and then I can apply.

Buying: Girl Lacer had a residential trip this month and as always it’s amazing the extra expense it takes just to kit them out! Like both kids (Boy Lacer was on a residential trip the previous month) were told to pack two pairs of trainers, I can understand why, it’s in case one pair gets extremely wet or muddy but generally my kids only ever have one pair of trainers (each) at a time! Their feet grow quick enough, so before you know it you have to buy another pair anyway, so if they’ve got more than one pair of trainers, they’re not exactly going to get much wear out of them!

Watching: Game of Thrones of course, oh my god Hardhome and OH MY GOD the finale! I’ve read the books and it is now killing me that the show has caught up with the books and I don’t know for certain what has happened to a certain someone. Oh I have my theories, pretty much just like everyone else! I’ve also been watching the pretty excellent Penny Dreadful and I am in fashion lust for Miss Ives wardrobe when she’s on the Moors.


image via Showtime

Oh and Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell to.

Hoping: the next Game of Thrones book is out soon but I doubt it.

Marvelling: that I’m currently working on a project at work, that although I’m at home in London, is based on an event happening in New York. When I realise that I can work anywhere in the world really from just a laptop, it just feel so 21st century. I would have never have dreamed my work would be like that when I left school (funnily enough when I left school I did want to work in New York but I very firmly imagined myself living there whilst doing it!).

Cringing: at my hair, I need a shower!

Needing: ditto, a shower!

Questioning: how I organise my day.

Smelling: the flowers in the lovely public spaces in my neighbourhood. I am lucky to live in a very green part of London.

Wearing: a lot of denim. I never wear jeans in the summer, they make my legs feel like hot sausages, but I have been wearing some denim shorts I love (me … shorts … this must me some new found 40s confidence), some cropped jeans made out of light weight denim and a denim maxi skirt.

Following: My last three follows on Twitter were @TheMakeEscape (a London craft night), @The_Dots_UK (a creative connection type hub thingy) and @thatjourneyapp (an interesting looking app, it doesn’t tweet much though, so I’d already pretty much forgotten I’d followed it!).

Noticing: what my mood is like if I’ve been working a lot of hours the previous few days.

Knowing: my weaknesses.

Thinking: about future career options.

Admiring: the work of Jacob de Graaf, I’ve been favouriting his stuff on Twitter with an almost stalkerish tendency recently, particularly his patterns where he’s stitched with white wool on a blue linen background (he’s the genius behind Modern Folk Embroidery and the wool I so love).

Sorting: I should be sorting paperwork but I’m not.

Getting: my new Mac, yay!

Bookmarking: I don’t bookmark stuff in browsers much but I’m always favouriting stuff on Twitter, my last three favourites were;

(looks interesting!)

(gorgeous blue fat quarters)


Coveting: the new Apple watch, still.

Disliking: stomach bugs.

Opening: a Steam account (decades behind the rest of the family, although I’m not that impressed).

Giggling: at The Martian (as well as good sci-fi, it was quite funny in parts), Mock the Week and Gadget Man.

Feeling: apprehensive

Snacking: Pret a Manger popcorn bars and Hummingbird Bakery cake.

Helping: with class rep stuff, it’s amazing how many times I’ve had to do an email search for the word ‘hoodies’, that’s all hopefully done and dusted though and I’ve now moved on to helping with the summer fair, I also said I’d help with the school play costumes.

Hearing: I’ve finally managed to move myself on from the Show Ponies by listening to some Spotify, I particularly like the Sunny Side Up one.

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