One hundred words of now (July)


My borrowing shamelessly from other blogs continues with One hundred words of now from Susannah Conway’s blog. I think it’s a really sweet mindfulness exercise. So here’s mine.

Cautious. Thankful. Proud. Love. Envy. Excited. Reminiscing. Grateful. Pizza. Alcohol free beer. Hot. Sticky. Blue sky. English. Anticipation. Overwhelmed. Remembering. 7/7. Concern. Fear. Enjoyment. Connection. Peace. Plans. To do lists. Cooking. School fair. Appointments. Uniform. Money. Birthdays. Books. Connection. Kindle. Tense. Itchy. Hayfever. Bed. Open windows. Garden. Weeds. Summer holidays. Kids. Relax. Work. Frustration. Boredom. Impatient. Longing. Evenings off. TV. Penny Dreadful. Tired. Bad diet. Hungry. Croissants. Birds. Doctors. London. YouTube videos. Family. Space. Lack of concentration. School. Reports. Play. Party. Food. Memories. Sense of place. Belonging. Roots. Planes. Apple. Counting. Breeze. Clothes. Kitchen. Mess. Acquaintances. Spelling. End. Music. Husband.


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