On the menu – end of term special



It was the summer fair today and Boy Lacer’s class were doing the home cooked food stall, so I made three cheese rolls from the Higgidy Cookbook and although I only got a chance to try one, they were absolutely delicious. For those that don’t know the Higgidy brand, they make delicious pies and sausage rolls and the three cheese rolls were very Higgidy, quite easy to make too. I’ve been requested to make them again, although this time just for the whole family.


I also made Malteser cakes for the teacher’s cake stall (Girl Lacer helped me with those). The recipe is from Jamie’s Food Tube: The Cake Book and was really easy to make, pretty much just a bang everything in the mixer job. The recipe called for Horlicks but I much prefer Ovaltine, so I used that and any cake with Ovaltine is automatically yummy. The icing was pretty neat to, it also has Ovaltine in plus smashed up Maltesers.



Girl Lacer is finishing primary school next week, so the parents from her class had one last get together tonight. I made the chessboard cake from The Great British Bake Off: Showstoppers book, as I tend not to often have the excuse to make big ‘show off’ cakes, as I’m more of a simple family cake type baker.

The photo above is not brilliant (although it’s a nice shot of my friend’s foot), it shows the cake after it had been very quickly demolished by everyone at the party, who all thought it tasted lovely. As the name suggests the cake is meant to look like a chessboard, you do this by piping alternate rings of chocolate batter and vanilla batter, with two layers you start with chocolate and the other layer you start with vanilla and if you stack them up the right way, it’s meant to look like a chessboard. But, I am not the world’s best piper of batter, that and I obviously can’t divide a large bowl of batter in half properly, prior to flavouring one half with chocolate, as I ended up with far more vanilla batter than chocolate batter. Half the batter went over my hands whilst trying to pipe it anyway. So, the rings weren’t all the same size (and the vanilla batter seemed to rise a lot more than the chocolate batter, which didn’t really rise much at all), so as you can see from the photo, it was less chessboard and more stripy in places, although some parts of the cake did manage to get the chessboard effect.

The cake was sandwiched and iced with a chocolate ganache, I don’t think I’ve made one of those before. Anyway, it was meant to be white chocolate ganache for the sandwiching bit and dark chocolate ganache for the icing bit, but the idiot I am, I stupidly picked up milk chocolate instead of the white chocolate I needed in the supermarket. So, in the end I pooled both the dark chocolate and the milk chocolate together and made one lot of ganache, which I used for both the sandwiching and the icing. Which was probably quite good because if the icing ganache had been all dark chocolate, I think it would have been quite overpowering because it was extremely chocolatey as it was. Overpowering chocolate is probably a good thing in a lot of people’s books and it was quite nice but considering the chocolate cake batter was just flavoured with some cocoa powder and the vanilla cake batter was just vanilla, the ganache completely overpowered the rest of the cake. But still, it was nice.

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