Capture Real Life – week 25 – my favourite spot at home



My challenge this week on Capture Real Life in 52 weeks was to take a photograph each day on my favourite room in the house (I forgot to take a photo on Wednesday, so there’s two photos on Sunday). My favourite room in the house is my bedroom, as not only is it my bedroom but it’s also my office, my studio and often (quite sadly really) where I eat too. I found it quite tricky to photograph this week because not only is it all those things and probably to be honest because it is all those things, the room is a complete pig sty at the moment and no one wants a photo of that! So all the photos are avoiding the wall under my window which is where all the junk is.

Anyway, my photo for Monday shows me in bed having a lay in because it’s the start of the school summer holidays. I’m laying at an angle across the whole bed because Mr. Lacer got up to go to work hours ago. The duvet, which I’m rather proud of, is new, bought recently in the John Lewis sale for a bargain price. It’s made of jersey, so is incredibly soft and comfortable against the skin, since putting it on the bed it’s been quite hard to pry the kids off it sometimes.



Another thing I like about the room is the lamp shade and I probably spend more time laying on my back staring up at it than I’d care to admit. It was bought from John Lewis (again) after we refurbished the flat, they don’t sell it any more, I checked, otherwise I’d link to their website. The lamp shade feels almost magical to me in a way, as the tree branches you see on it are printed inside the lamp shade, not on the outside, they only show on the outside when the light is on (or if you’re laying on your back staring up at it). Normally, when the light is not on, you just see a plain wooden print. The fact that it seems almost magical to me, shows that I’m obviously easily impressed by really really simple things but it does almost distract from the nappy brown stains also on our bedroom ceiling (almost I say, almost) which are thanks to our bloody upstairs neighbours and their love for cowboy plumbers (grits teeth).



This is what my bed looks like on a pretty average day, my laptop is open, my bags and wallet from shopping earlier still there where I dumped them, post, diary, things I’ve shifted in a desperate search to find something (I’m always having a desperate search to find something).



A ‘studio’ day.



This is officially not the most practical bed in the world, specially in a small bedroom but I always wanted this bed from Ikea and we’ve had it quite a few years now. We’ve been talking about getting rid of it but it probably won’t happen now until we swap rooms with the kids in about a year. Until then I will appreciate the shadows it throws onto the wall at night.




A couple of months or so ago I had a massive KonMari inspired reorganisation of the bedroom and it was looking sooo good but as part of the reorganisation I had temporarily shifted some boxes of paperwork into the living room and well they couldn’t stay there forever, so they came back in and they were like a junk magnet. The boxes of paperwork are still there, desperately needing sorting but you can’t even see them now, so much stuff is piled on top. Anyway, the above photos are two small areas that have sort of survived, one of my shelves with fabric all neatly rolled and the side of my ‘me’ decorated new bookcase I bought for the reorganisation. Knowing that my surgeries were coming up, I had this dream of recuperating in this very tidy, mother-in-law proof bedroom and it’s not going to happen now, I’ve just been so busy recently.


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