Taking Stock – July

Playing along with Meet Me At Mike’s Taking Stock

Making : pretty much all this month I’ve been working on a tapestry commission, so I haven’t done that much other crafting, although I have knitted a few squares of my mood blanket and over the last few days I’ve done a little bit of sewing and some crewel embroidery.


Cooking : hmm, it seems at the moment that either my craft mojo is switched on or my cooking mojo is and this month it’s been my craft mojo’s turn. I have cooked a bit though, I’m going through a deep love of lasagne at the moment and I love the book Thug Kitchen.

Drinking : coke zero and becks blue.

Reading: this was the month I fell in literary love with The Watchmaker of Filigree Street and having finished I’m now in book mourning. I am currently reading Love, Nina, which is a collection of letters written by the nanny of the London Review of Books editor and is a bit ‘what’s the point?’ and The Kind Worth Killing, which has that crucial something that Watchmaker had, missing. With Watchmaker I would swear blind that the two main characters, Thaniel and Mori exist, they’re real, whereas with The Kind Worth Killing, I’m struggling to get the motivation of the characters, so they don’t seem real.

Wanting: more money, yes I know it’s ‘shallow’.

Looking: this month I revisited V&A’s ‘What is Luxury?’ and ‘Shoes’ exhibitions, as I took the kids to see them and like me they liked Luxury and really disliked Shoes.

Playing: More Plants vs Zombies, although I’ve just downloaded Angry Birds 2 and that may distract me for a while.

Deciding: I had to make an absolutely massive decision this month, I was given two options for a surgery I’m having next month and the doctors made it clear which option they thought I should take but I’ve gone for the other option. There are pluses and minuses for both options and I hope I’ve made the right decision (although I can still change my mind up to the operation) but I think I will only possibly really know if I’ve made the right decision a long long time in the future.

Wishing: for some omnipresent know-it-all being (and I am not religious) to tell me the right decision 

Enjoying: having some space.

Waiting: for my operation date.

Liking: the fruit cake I’ve just made.

Wondering: about my career options as usual.

Loving: The Watchmaker of Filigree Street

Pondering: future options.

Considering: my workload.

Buying: books for Boy Lacer and lots of clothes for both kids, they grow too darn fast.

Watching: Humans (I haven’t watched the final episode yet, so no spoilers!), I wasn’t too sure about it at the beginning of the series but it’s got so good now.

Hoping: for a smooth ride.

Marvelling: at the amazing time Girl Lacer had at her primary school and how lucky we’ve been for her to progress right through from nursery to year 6 there. At her leavers assembly the lovely teachers did a video montage of photos of the kids from nursery to present day and it was *gulp* very emotional.

Cringing: at baking a cake in my dad’s oven and melted butter leaking out of the tin and then when my dad went to use the oven, smoking the place out (I did warn him and apologise profusely).

Needing: a magic housework fairy.

Questioning: my decision.

Smelling: fruit cake and smoking butter.

Wearing: my new bright yellow Converses! I normally go for red or blue Converses as I like my Converses classic but when out buying a new pair, I saw the bright yellow pair and instead of going “ugh they won’t go with anything” I thought “you know what they’ll go with EVERYTHING” and you know what, I think I was right.


Following: @natasha_pulley (the genius behind The Watchmaker of Filigree Street), @humansofny (a brilliant photographer who posts portraits of New Yorkers and snippets of information about them, although he’s currently in Pakistan) and @NASANewHorizons (for the Pluto fly past, although the account is pretty quiet now).

Noticing: what a lovely young lady Girl Lacer is growing into (most of the time).

Knowing: she’ll have a great time at secondary school.

Thinking: I really need to be fitter.

Admiring: the lovely teachers at my kids primary school.

Sorting: laundry.

Getting: a new washer – drier hopefully.

Bookmarking: my last three favourites on Twitter were 

Coveting: really expensive designer washer – driers (that won’t happen).

Disliking: weather that doesn’t dry clothes fast enough on the line.

Opening: Twitter far too often.

Giggling: at The Now Show.

Feeling: overwhelmed.

Snacking: Graze snack boxes.

Helping: with the last of my duties as a parent rep.

Hearing: more Spotify playlists, I like the latest app update.


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