Two twenty minute skirts

Wales 2015-22

After making Girl Lacer a skirt to go with her Welsh costume earlier this year, she’s been on at me to make her some more. I had used the twenty minute skirt pattern from Whipstitch, which is as easy as pie, so I followed it again. The pattern or should I say tutorial really, says it goes up to size 12, Girl Lacer, although 11, is pretty tall for her age and fits size 13 in some shops, but she still fits this pattern ok, to be honest I think, as long as you use two panels instead of one, you could use the same principle for adults too.

Anyway, the skirt above was made with some novelty car fabric (I know you can’t really see it in the photo), that I bought ages ago thinking it would make a great skirt for me but I realised over time that it would look far better on Girl Lacer. Same goes for the second skirt below, which is made with a Liberty fabric.

Wales 2015-50 


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