Wales 2015

We went to Wales for a week, so here’s a few photos –

Wales 2015-44

Wales 2015-42


Wales 2015-24We went to Rhyl for the afternoon, the nearest beach to my dad’s (as Boy Lacer, although a lot better in cars is still not brilliant). I always categorise beaches as ‘natural beaches’ and ‘touristy beaches’ and I much prefer natural beaches. Rhyl is a touristy beach and to be honest is quite run down, which is a shame, as driving through it has some lovely old red brick buildings and it must have been lovely once. However the beach is nice, big and sandy. Wales 2015-23 The weather was not brilliant all week, although it never really is in North Wales. We’d gone from a quite warm London (although the last few days before we left were pretty rainy) to a place where jumpers were an automatic necessity and I’d wake up at night freezing cold. Anyway, we kept an eye on the weather forecast and we thought Saturday would be the best day, as for once no rain was forecast, hah hah hah. When we got there it bucketed down! We struggled to the sea front and sheltered under the shelter, which was not that sheltery really.

Wales 2015-46But we did go and get wet on the sand too. Wales 2015-4We then went to find a toilet whilst the kids played with the sand that had blown up behind the toilet block (hmmm), it was still bucketing down and we were pretty much the only people out and we were all keen to go back to my dad’s, except Boy Lacer wasn’t having any of it and wanted to stay a bit longer (probably because he didn’t want to get back in the car). So we went for a walk along the sea front, which is very concretey and we came across an aquarium, which was okay (I tend to feel sorry for the animals there, although they didn’t look mistreated).
Wales 2015-39

And by the time we came out again it had stopped raining! So well done Boy Lacer. We went back to the beach, which was still not exactly warm and still looking like it could rain at any time. Wales 2015-5

Wales 2015-29Wales 2015-28

Wales 2015-27

Wales 2015-36

Country fair

Wales 2015-49

Wales 2015-52Wales 2015-54



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