Quilted patchwork slippers


This blog post may not make much sense, as I had some morphine this morning (although not as much as yesterday, when I was ringing up all my relatives sounding, hmmm, a little bit drunk).

I don’t know about you guys but if I know I’m going to be in a situation where I’m going to be feeling a bit uncomfortable (physically and/or emotionally), I like to have something handmade around me, it’s comforting. So before I went into hospital yesterday I made myself some slippers, I actually made most of it at my dad’s last week but ran out of the yellow polka dot binding, so had to order some more, so I finished these about 11pm the night before I went into hospital, so I didn’t have a chance to blog them then (which may have been more sensible!). Anyway the slippers are a mash up of two slipper tutorials I found on Pinterest; this tutorial and this tutorial plus some bodging of my own. I drafted the pattern based on my pair of Converses but I had to widen both the sole and the top part of the slipper several times and as you can see from the photo below (where I’m doing some more comforting embroidery, I was working on the embroidery when I was waiting to go into surgery too and I was as a calm as a very calm bunny doing it 🙂 ) the slippers are still a little tight across the arch of my feet (oh admire the sexy support stockings!) but they’re okay. I didn’t actually end up wearing them (other than for the photo lol), as I was very close to the loo on my ward and my feet were warm enough in the aforementioned support stockings. But they will be good to stick in my hospital bag, in the little drawstring pouch I made for them, for my next surgeries.

thumb_IMG_4804_1024I will probably not be blogging much (if at all) over the next two weeks (this blog post has been brought to you via the power of morphine and paracetamol), although I plan to get lots of reading done, so there may be book reviews. Also with the surgery having been on my neck, the most comfortable position for me is to be looking slightly downwards, i.e. the perfect embroidery position too, so I may get some more embroidery done as well.

I would be a hazard in the kitchen right now too, but the day before my surgery (another comfort ritual I’ve noticed I have) I spent most of the day cooking, a lovely fruit cake (which I keep making a lot at the moment, I first made it here – the second cake in the post), lots more lasagnes (Nigel Slater’s recipe again, although I added pancetta this time), peach and jalapeno ice lollies (which look delicious and will be blogged about at some point) and I prepared lots of individual portions of fruit to freeze, ready for smoothies (will also later blog recipe).

Bye for now.


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