On the menu: the recovery edition

None of the food mentioned this week was prepared from scratch at the time, as I’ve recently had surgery and I had pre-prepared some food for recovery beforehand, this is what I made –

Peach and jalapeno ice lollies


These were inspired by the peach and jalapeno ice lollies from The People’s Pops book, I have a copy but I happened to have mislaid it when I was making these (I’ve since found it again, like you do), so I used this recipe, I think it’s pretty much the same.

I’m glad I made them (any sort of ice lolly is good for a poorly neck) and I was so curious to see what an ice lolly with a chilli pepper in would be like and I thought in combination with roasted peach would be nice. I was sort of right, the jalapeno (which had been seeped in sugar syrup and then the actual jalapeno discarded), lent a nice warmth to the lolly (which is a bit odd really when you think about it in an ICE lolly) and it was definitely not even remotely overly spicy BUT it did overwhelm the flavour of the peach a bit, which is a shame as peaches aren’t exactly cheap, so you want your moneys worth. So really I felt like I ended up with just a jalapeno flavoured ice lolly with the slightly annoying texture of the blended up peach skin being annoying.

Red pepper and parsnip soup


One of the first ever things I learnt to cook as an adult (I had cookery lessons at school, I even did at GCSE, I was even predicted to get an A (this was before the days of A*) but I was not a big fan and I didn’t bother to revise, after all, even now I think the choice in time management of say revising some more for your maths exam versus revising at all for your home economics: food exam is probably wise, although then again, I found HE: Food pretty much common sense, so I didn’t revise and I got a B, as you can tell, I’m gutted – anyway even though I had cookery lessons at school, up to the age of 16, I honestly don’t feel like I learned to cook until I was about 22 – 23, as what I learnt at school as far as cooking was concerned, was pretty useless). Anyway, when I was teaching myself to cook properly, one of the first things I learnt to make was red pepper and parsnip soup, it was from a Food Doctor book and was meant to be good for your digestion. I got rid of the book years ago and I hadn’t made the soup in years, so I couldn’t remember the recipe, so I found a similar looking one here. This recipe also called for a red chilli and well I had those jalapenos, so I used one of those instead. The soup turned out lovely, just what the doctor ordered, it’s pretty thick (just how I like my soup) and so lovely and warming, I felt better just after a bowlful.

Berry Blast Smoothie


I’ve been wanting to try the Pret a Manger frozen smoothie things for ages but have never got round to it but I did spot a recipe from them where you could recreate something similar at home, so I had to have a go. The recipe has mango in it and as I’m rubbish as cutting up mango, I bought a pack of ready prepared cubes and also a carton of blackberries and a carton of raspberries, as per the recipe and then froze the fruit in ready prepared portions for when I was in recovery. As you only need a quarter cup of each fruit, a carton each of mango, blackberries and raspberries makes a very large amount of individual smoothie portions for the freezer. Freezing the fruit makes the smoothie nice and thick and cold without having to add ice cubes to water it down, also I think it’s a great way of having ‘fresh’ fruit always on hand. It would be a good thing to do especially when the fruit is on special offer (which the berries were at the time). You do go through a lot of fruit juice though, adding it to the frozen fruit before blending. Anyway, the result is really nice and once again something nice and cold for my neck, with plenty of vitamin C too!

Also made in advance – more freezer lasagnes and more Jane Brocket fruit cake, although as I only made and ate one of those the week before, strangely not so keen now but it does last well and is full of good things.

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