On the menu: the jarred edition (with raspberry ice lolly special appearance)


jar salad

There is just something infinitely satisfying about eating something on anything but a plate, specially bowls, jars and baskets (1980s chicken and chips anyone?), maybe because they’re dishes that just keep on giving as you literally dig in. Anyway, much as I work from home (so really I could just eat a salad off a plate), I thought I’d have a go at jarred salads, using Anna Jones’ A Modern Way to Cook for guidance. Under the section ‘at your desk salads’, she has a table of suggestions on how to build up a salad in a jar and you can pick and mix from the various possibilities. She suggests starting with a ‘hearty base’, then adding one or two of your favourite vegetables, then some light leaves, followed by some crunch, then some flavour and then a dressing. I went for torn up sourdough rye bread, carrot, spinach, Food Doctor seeds, pickled cabbage and a pesto dressing. I think the torn up sourdough rye bread was possibly a mistake, it was too bulky and took up way too much of the jar, however where it crumbled and mixed in with the seeds and the vinegar from the cabbage and the pesto dressing, now that was scrummy. Maybe I just didn’t tear the bread up enough, it was pretty tough (and to be honest, on it’s own, not that nice, sourdough bread can be so variable), if I were to use it as a base again, I would tear it up somehow almost into giant crumbs. Other than that though, it was a pretty nice salad and actually, much as I work from home, I am out and about quite a bit, often over meal times and when I am I can make really bad food choices. Also even when working from home, my shifts often end or start at a meal time, so having something I’ve already made would be good. And also I am going to be working away from home on something soon, so yay, lunch sorted!


pour over soup

Also from A Modern Way to Cook, this is pour over soup and it was lovely. I have a guilty love of noodle things you can pour hot water over, I won’t eat the Pot Noodles from my youth (yeugh) but I occasionally treat myself to the posher (hopefully healthier) versions you can get in the supermarket, I also like Graze’s soups too. Again this would be a really useful dish to take to work or even take on a day out if you’ve got space enough to also carry a thermos of hot water, you’d need to be able to keep the jar reasonably cool though before you prepare it, so not for a really hot day (not that you’d perhaps want this soup on a really hot day anyway). And talking of hot, if you do prepare it in a jar (you don’t have to), be careful, the glass gets really hot!

The soup has miso in, something I’ve tried and failed to like in the past but it’s really nice in this, with the soy sauce, sesame oil and coconut cream. I will definitely be having this again, I will probably be inventing some variations too.


“Muuuummy, I want to make ice lollies!”

“Muuuummy, when can we make ice lollies?”




Until I get organised enough to ask Girl Lacer exactly what ice lollies she wants to make, she picks the most ‘boring’ recipe in the People’s Pop book (straight up raspberry), I buy the raspberries, they sit in the fridge getting perilously close to the use by date and then I end up making them. The result was nice though, although they didn’t seem to have set very hard (despite ages in the freezer).


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