Dead Men’s Bones

Dead Men's Bones (Inspector McLean, #4)Dead Men’s Bones by James Oswald
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

In this one McLean is investigating the suicide of a prominent Scottish MSP, who before he had turned his gun on himself, had murdered his wife and children. The MSP is a cocky, confident SOB, so why would a man like that do what he did? McLean, bought onto the case by his arch enemy Dugwood, who for once wants to utilise the DI’s ability to ‘over complicate things’, doesn’t think the reason why everyone else thinks the MSP did it is correct.

As well as the MSP murder-suicide, there is also a mysterious tattooed body in a river to investigate and of course things aren’t going smoothly for McLean and his bad luck is spreading to his team.

In this one the supernatural element is even subtler, for most of the book until close to the end anyway. I am really liking how this is going, I think I may even start fan-girling over Mrs. McCutcheon’s cat, who definitely plays more of a role in this compared to your average detective’s pet!

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