Taking Stock – August

Playing along with Meet Me At Mike’s Taking Stock.

Making : when I haven’t been recovering from surgery this month has mainly been about working on my commission again. I did have my hospital / sick bed embroidery though.


Cooking : I haven’t done that much cooking this month but when I have I’ve been really loving Anna Jones’ A Modern Way to Cook.

Drinking : Hot chocolate.

Reading: I (as I expected) have been doing a lot of reading this month whilst recovering, mainly audiobooks (as they’re great to lay in bed and drift off to and also they’ve been fantastic whilst I’ve been working on my commission). I’ve discovered the Inspector McLean series by James Oswald, which is fantastic, slightly supernatural Tartan Noir. I’ve listened to the series as audiobooks and the narrator, Ian Hanmore is fantastic, he’s very good at all the different voices and he can say “murder” to me in a scottish accent anytime, although in the latest audiobook I’m listening to, Prayer for the Dead, the voice he uses for the bad guy is downright, shivers down your spine creepy, if someone came up to me and started talking to me like that, I’d run a mile.

Wanting: oh everything, that’s the problem with being cooped up and the invention of the internet, internet shopping or should I say internet window shopping. I’ve become even more obsessed with Doc Marten shoes this month and have taken a worrying amount of pleasure at just looking at the Doc Marten and Schuh websites. I’ve also developed an increased side interest in Converses and have been perusing sites associated with those too much to. I have managed to salve my Doc Martens passion a bit by managing to buy not one but two pairs of DMs for Girl Lacer. Girl Lacer needed a pair of boots and whereas I wouldn’t normally spend quite that large amount of money on shoes for her (although even when I’m trying not to spend that much money on shoes for the kids, the shoes are still often brushing the £50 mark!), her feet are now the same size as mine, so I figured if her feet grow even more I can have her hand-me-downs (that is in no way not stealth buying myself DMs 😉 ). Anyway, I bought her a nice black pair of DM boots and they do look very cool on her and she loves them. After I bought them it occurred to me that I might have actually of sort of saved myself some money by killing two birds with one stone, as she was also due some new school shoes and hey her DM boots were black. Now Doc Martens have been advertising themselves a lot recently as the ideal back to school shoes but I thought DM boots may be pushing it, so I emailed Girl Lacer’s new school (she starts secondary school next month!) to ask. I get a reply back from the PA to say that no, the school uniform code says shoes not boots, now personally I’d argue boots are shoes but there you go. So anyway, Girl Lacer, my now rabid Doc Martens fan, was a bit disappointed she couldn’t wear DMs to school and I still needed to by some school shoes. Now the Indica DM style is quite good for school shoes but having just bought a pair of boots full price, I couldn’t really buy a second pair of DMs, so after much searching of all the discount sites (which was quite difficult, I think Indica shoes really are the in school shoes this season), I found a pair on Ebay for not that much more than what I would have spent on school shoes in Clarks. About a week later I get an email from Girl Lacer’s new school head, DM boots are allowed (as long as they’re only ankle high, have black laces and are clean), sigh oh well, Girl Lacer has two pairs of school shoes now.

Looking: Kew Gardens Spice Festival.


Playing: way too many iPad games, I’ve been playing Angry Birds 2 all month, even though now on level 120 something, it is getting a bit samey and I’m getting annoyed with myself for still playing it. I’ve also been playing Two Dots, also way too addictively. I’m just glad that both games have limited lives so when I’ve run out of lives I can stop playing for a while, I’m at least not sad enough to buy more. And of course my favourite game of all time, Plants vs Zombies (2) has a new world out, this time the 80s, so I’ve been playing that too.

Deciding: when to have a nap.

Wishing: I had a bit more time between surgeries, it takes about four weeks to recover properly from the surgery I had the beginning of the month, so by the time I’m feeling a bit more human I’ll be having operation number 2, which will knock me out again for at least another two to three weeks. However on the other hand, I’m glad it’s all getting over and done with (sort of, I have at least another two surgeries after that).

Enjoying: getting absorbed into audiobooks.

Waiting: for deliveries.

Liking: the hospital food earlier this month, it was surprisingly nice. Operation number 2 will be at a different hospital and I don’t think the food there will be anywhere near as nice.

Wondering: what my test results will be.

Loving: Mr. Lacer for being a star with all the housework and cooking, he made toad in the hole from scratch yesterday, which was rather sweet to see, it’s true what they say, the way to a woman’s heart is through a man’s domestic skills.

Pondering: lomography cameras.

Considering: buying one.

Buying: other than DMs, new school uniforms (ouch) and birthday presents.

Watching: I thought whilst I was recovering from surgery that I’d probably end up watching a lot of Netflix, nope. Watching TV in the living room was difficult for a while, as my neck would get uncomfortable with the position our TV is at. I did watch some documentary series on iPlayer though which were good, one about humans living in extreme environments and the other Atlantic, was spectacular (watch these two clips).

Hoping: that I don’t have more (extra) surgery in October (there’s a chance).

Marvelling: at how lovely the hospital I had operation number one at was.

Cringing: at what might have happened if I hadn’t pushed for something.

Needing: to see the dentist, I broke a tooth a few days before my surgery and I’ve not really been in the position to see the dentist afterwards. I do have an appointment next week though.

Questioning: can I get one of my future surgeries moved to the nice hospital and not just because it’s nice but also maybe because they know more about what they’re doing?

Smelling: our new washer-drier (thank you mother-in-law), it has that horrible new appliance smell.

Wearing: low necked T-shirts and not giving a sod what people think (most of the time).

Following: @Artefact_Cards (stationary, drool), @SirBenfro (James Oswald, author of the McLean series), @LDN_Makerspace (does what it says on the tin).

Noticing: my energy levels, sometimes a nap is not the best thing.

Knowing: I’m going to be gutted when I finish the last McLean book and have to wait until January for the next one.

Thinking: I may need more dental work than just my broken tooth and when the f*** am I going to find the time to get it done.

Admiring: the lovely hospital I’ve been having treatment at.

Sorting: nothing much, although I am surrounded by piles that definitely do need sorting.

Getting: after two trips across the Atlantic, my Out of Print tees, yay!

Bookmarking: (my last three favourites on Twitter)

Treat yourself & design your own Magnum at the @MagnumUK shop in @CoventGardenLDN


— Skint London (@SkintLondon) August 31, 2015

Our Verdict – A Modern Way to Cook https://t.co/pOCIlIetDA pic.twitter.com/h0AookstLK

— Anna Kirstin Maureen (@cookbookamonth) August 31, 2015

Dinner! 😁 Falafel wraps with parsley tahini sauce. I might just start putting this sauce o… http://t.co/FxPViDJ64vpic.twitter.com/RHKwuWQYOU

— Francesca Stone (@FallForDIY) August 30, 2015


Coveting: oh god, everything, as well as pretty much all of Doc Martens stock and leather converse trainers, pretty much anything Lakeland deems to advertise at me, Konstrucktor cameras, so, so many good cookbooks out at the moment and canal boating holidays.

Disliking: my current inability to organise paperwork.

Opening: Graze boxes.

Giggling: at some bits in the McLean series, it’s quite funny.

Feeling: a lot better.

Snacking: Kitkats.

Helping: my class rep duties are now over, I’m pretty sure there will be some voluntary work over at Girl Lacer’s new school but I’m not sure if I’m in the best position to help at the moment.

Hearing: parakeets.




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      1. Sure, let me know how much the postage is and I’ll paypal it to you. I’m in central London next Wednesday and Saturday if you happen to be down my neck of the woods on either of those days but after that I’m not venturing far from my bed (again).

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