On the menu: Goodness bowl


Another Anna Jones, A Modern Way to Cook ‘recipe’ (ie table of suggestions). This one is a bit like her jarred salads, you have a grain or a pulse, add two to four vegetables, a flavour booster, herbs, a dressing and some texture. I chose bulgar wheat,  carrot and courgette sautéed with garlic and parsley, pickled red cabbage (hey I have a big jar to get through and I’m the only person who eats it), pesto dressing and Food Doctor seeds. It was okay, I think the bulgar wheat was a bit bland, I normally cook it in chicken stock but I thought I’d skip the salty processed stuff (I’ve tried making chicken stock from scratch before, it always tastes so bland when I do it) and cook the bulgar wheat without, in just water, thinking that the flavours from everything else would flavour it instead. It did sort of but it was still pretty meh.


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