On the menu: more Anna Jones



I made Anna Jones’ tomato, miso and sesame soup for me and Girl Lacer. Girl Lacer was a critic, first of all it was ‘too thick’ as she likes her soup thin enough to still be able to detect the butter on the toast you’re dipping it into apparently (tough, your mum likes thick soups, not that I made it deliberately thick, I followed the recipe to the letter) and then after a few more spoonfuls it was ‘too tomatoey’, go figure. Actually this wasn’t the nicest of soups, I’ve had worse and it does have a lot going for it in that it’s incredibly quick to cook and is another way to get miso into my diet but it was …. the opposite of bland if that can be considered a bad thing. There were so many flavours going on and it was easy to distinguish between them all and it was just all a bit tongue overwhelming. So, I’m glad I made it but I probably won’t make it again.



I made lemongrass and peanut bun cha (also from the Anna Jones book, it’s rice noodles with salad vegetables and peanuts, topped with tofu marinated in soy sauce, lime juice, garlic, chilli and lemongrass, plus a dressing of soy sauce, lime juice and honey) and it was lovely. It’s in the 20 minutes section though and no way did it take just 20 minutes.


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