Book Pincushion


I went through a stage last year of being obsessed with pincushions / needle books and their patterns, I wanted them all and I wanted to make them all and of course I didn’t make any (I managed to control myself reasonably well on the purchasing front too). I try to be organised with my work in progresses, as there’s nothing worse than settling down for say, a nice bit of embroidery and then to not be able to find any scissors or needles, so I prefer to have multiple needle books, one for each work in progress and if it’s got space for a pair of scissors and/or some floss, even better.


So I’ve had the book pincushion pattern by Patchwork Pottery for ages and I’ve finally got round to making it. I’m going to stir crazy being cooped up with recovery from operation number 2 and I thought sewing something small and manageable would be just what I needed and it definitely did the trick. As I always think when I sew small things, I should sew small things more often, they’re easier to handle in my tiny flat and there’s something so satisfying about making something that comes together quickly and has short seams.


I went for a travel theme, using a map fabric and roughly appliquing some logos from another fabric design that I think is from the same range (not that I can remember the range, I got it from John Lewis, not that that’s much help anymore, it’s a bit gutting that my local John Lewis, which used to have an excellent haberdashery, the only decent one locally to me, has been shrinking and shrinking and shrinking, they’ve recently lopped another quarter off to put an opticians in!). Like I say, the applique is rough, I wanted that rugged frayed look, although I think the fraying may bug me after a while if it gets too much. The ‘page’ fabric is also from the same fabric set as the map and logo designs I think.

I adapted the pattern slightly, adding a third piece of ribbon to tie a small pair of scissors to the inside of the spine (the pattern suggests putting a spool of thread in the spine). As my all time favourite pincushion also has a pair of scissors attached to it and I always find that so useful. If I were to make this pattern again, I think instead of sewing down the ‘pages’ and I would attach a popper to them and underneath I would add a pocket to the inside of the back cover and use that maybe for scissors instead or maybe embroidery thread.

I probably will be sewing this pattern again, as there is two further options to make bigger book pillows and I think those would make great Christmas presents for Girl and Boy Lacer.


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