The Lewis Man

The Lewis Man (The Lewis Trilogy, #2)The Lewis Man by Peter May
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I didn’t like this one as much as I liked the first book in this series, it was okay though and I do like the format these books follow of a modern day crime and the roots it has in the past. In this one a body is found preserved in a bog, which they link to the now ex DI Fin’s ex girlfriend’s father, Tormund. Unfortunately Tormund has dementia and trying to find out the link from him would be impossible. Fin knows that Tormund would be the number one suspect for the murder, so he tries to investigate the link himself.

The story is interspersed with Tormund’s memories of growing up as an orphan in 1950s Scotland and his life as a homer (a child relocated to the islands). It was fascinating reading about life on the islands back then and it certainly was an interesting mystery. I think the only reason why I liked this one less than the first book is because the first book was so good it was difficult to top.

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