London Design Week at the V&A

V&A London Design Week 2015-23

It’s currently London Design Week, the event is being held at a number of locations across the capital, but there are a number of pieces on display at the V&A. I was in the area so I thought I’d pop in and of course explore some of the other areas of the V&A too.

In the photo above you can see Barnaby Barford’s Tower of Babel in the background, looking like a giant Christmas tree. Barford has cycled around London photographing shop fronts and he used those images to create miniature china shops. He then created a pyramid out of them, placing the most run down looking shops at the bottom and the most expensive shops at the top.

V&A London Design Week 2015-2 V&A London Design Week 2015-3 V&A London Design Week 2015-4

Also at the front entrance was Zotem, a giant pillar with embedded crystals.

V&A London Design Week 2015

The pillar was massive and I wanted to go and see the top of it, so I walked up to the ceramics section (an area I haven’t been too before) to find the top. The whole thing must have been a nightmare to install.

V&A London Design Week 2015-13

Being up in the ceramics section, of course I had to go and have a look. I loved how the section felt like more of an active place of study, as you could see studios and ladders and boxes of stuff to be sorted. I’m not a massive ceramics fan but I did like these two pieces.

V&A London Design Week 2015-11

Suspicious lady on a plate is looking at you suspiciously

V&A London Design Week 2015-12

I loved the colours and design on this one

And being on the top floor the views out of the windows were amazing.

V&A London Design Week 2015-9 V&A London Design Week 2015-10 V&A London Design Week 2015-16

I also liked how being in a part of the museum I hadn’t been in before, I came across some random surprises, like this piece (which had to be inexpertedlly videoed to get it’s full impact).

I really wanted to see Mise-en-abyme, which is part of London Design Week, installed on one of the walkways.

V&A London Design Week 2015-18 V&A London Design Week 2015-20

And whilst looking for that I stopped by to check out some of the iron work.

V&A London Design Week 2015-21

I didn’t get to see all of the London Design Week stuff, which is a shame, as it’s obviously not going to be there long. The festival runs until 27th September.


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