Taking Stock September

Playing along with Meet Me At Mike’s Taking Stock.

Making : I’ve had more surgery this month (and I’m having more next month too), so with that and finishing one commission and starting a new one, I haven’t had that much time for personal crafting. I did do some EPP from my sick bed though (something that will probably never see the light of day as I just won’t have time to finish it) and I started a mammoth cross stitch project for Boy Lacer, I joke that it’s going to be his 40th birthday present, oh and I finally made a pin cushion I’d been meaning to make for years, oh and I made a PE bag for Girl Lacer, so actually I’ve done quite a bit more sewing than I normally do, relatively anyway.


Pattern from BoxCat Shop

Cooking : This month’s surgery meant that my appetite was a bit reduced and what I did want to eat was bland, bland, bland with carbs on top, so I haven’t really done proper cooking all month and I miss it.
Drinking: I was drinking coffee whilst I was in hospital and the taste for it has sort of leached over into home. I do drink coffee occasionally anyway (black, no sugar, as strong as possible) and have always wished I would do so more often as I think it’s a darn sight healthier than my normal caffeine of choice, coke. I also tend to drink less coffee, as in one cup is enough for me, whilst I could drink coke non-stop. Anyway, I have been drinking coffee slightly more frequently this month, so yay!
Reading: I have done a lot of reading this month, mainly audiobooks again, as I’ve been going to bed early and falling asleep to them and also they’ve been absolutely essential to get me through the hours and hours of work each commission has been taking. I’ve been reading Agatha Christie, a bit of gruesome Val McDermid and lots of Peter May, plus some others.
Wanting: to know the date of operation number 4, that’s the biggy and it could be anytime between November and May. Once that operation is over and done with I will be rid of something that I really, really don’t like.
Looking: I did manage a quick flying visit to the V&A to see the London Design Week this month.
Playing: still way too much Two Dots, I have Mr. Lacer playing it now too. I have managed to get Angry Birds 2 off my iPad though.
Deciding: I had to ‘decide’ whether to go for operation number 3 next month, this month, it really wasn’t much of a decision though.
Wishing: our finances were considerably better.
Enjoying: walking Boy Lacer to school, that is an era that is rapidly closing.
Waiting: for medical letters.
Liking: Radio 4 at breakfast, I am getting old.
Wondering: about how we can rejig the flat so that we can continue to live in it with rapidly growing children, as we can’t afford to move.
Loving: Mr. Lacer, as he’s a very practical sweetie and actually much more domesticated than I am.
Pondering: my new wardrobe I’m going to treat myself to after operation number 4.
Considering: how and when to shift my work balance.
Buying: not much, I’m broke but it is birthday present season.
Watching: not much, my ‘day job’ is actually for the vast majority of it, in the evening, so I don’t normally get much chance to watch TV (as I very, very, extremely rarely watch it during the day), so all those evenings working I kind of assume I’m missing out on a whole cornucopia of amazing TV, well, since I’ve been having to take a lot of medical leave, I’ve obviously not been working at night and so (when I’m awake enough), I’ve been able to watch TV, in theory anyway, because dum dum dahhhhh, it turns out there isn’t that much on anyway! Of course, I have been watching the new Doctor Who though! I am also a great fan of Mock the Week, which is just what the doctor ordered, even if it’s been known to make my recovering stomach ache from too much laughing!
Hoping: for more commissions plus a work-life balance to miraculously appear.
Marvelling: at the discovery of water on the surface of Mars, I’m a bit of a science nerd anyway but it’s always good to be reminded that as well as being mean and horrible to each other, we’re also as a species capable of doing the most amazing things. I really do hope the discovery this month means we’re closer to possibly finding actual life on Mars.
Cringing: at gatherings where I don’t really know anyone, still I was brave, I went.
Needing: as usual a bigger flat / house or failing that a studio and/or one of those rental self-storage places (none of those are going to happen).
Questioning: my work life balance (can you sense a theme developing?)
Smelling: coffee.
Wearing: I both like and dislike this time of year, I like it because it’s a change in season so new (old) clothes, yay! But I dislike it because the weather is very changeable at the moment, there’s been plenty of days where you could almost wear shorts and t-shirt and yet other days where you need the full coat and jumper get up and you can’t always tell which way the weather is going to be when you leave the house in the morning. So anyway, what with that and my need to wear comfy / baggy clothes due to the recovery from operation number 2 (I couldn’t wear a bra for nearly two weeks, eek, sorry world), I’ve been wearing a lot of tunic dresses and leggings. Now that I can be reasonably confident that what I’m wearing isn’t going to hurt me (too much), I’ve been back in my uniform of grey and navy blue, I have a long, tiered grey skirt from East that I love and I am wearing the max out of at the moment because it’s definitely not a winter skirt. My uniform may be grey and navy blue but I have become obsessed with yellow / mustard yellow, I blame my yellow Converses, which I am still eeking out the last few wears of before they become impractical for the weather. Since I’ve been wearing my yellow Converses, I have absolutely loved seeing the bright flash of colour with my grey and blue clothes and I have been desperately searching for more winter appropriate yellow shoes. I haven’t been able to find any, although I am now trying to tame my feet into a pair of red Mary Jane Doc Martens and they sort of have the same effect. Although I have no idea why I still try and punish my feet by trying to get them into Doc Martens shoes, as although Doc Martens boots may be the most comfortable things in the world, Doc Martens shoes take blinking ages to wear in and whilst I’m doing so I might as well be putting my poor feet into a mincer, as they don’t just cause blisters, they go beyond blisters, they actually cut into my feet. I wear blister plasters and the blinking shoes actually wear a hole into the plasters, so what chance do my feet have! But still I persist because I love them, the colour is great and when I do wear them in, they have the most comfortable soles and they actually do my feet a lot of good, I just have to grin add bear it in the meantime. So, anyway, whilst I’m going to have to say goodbye to my yellow Converses soon, I have been looking into getting more yellow into my wardrobe, particularly mustard yellow, I’ve been particularly thinking about finding yellow accessories, as I don’t actually want to give up my grey – navy blue uniform anyway / I don’t think all over yellow would be a good look for me (although I’d love a seafarer style yellow mac) / I much prefer flashes of colour / I can’t afford it anyway. So if I can’t wear my yellow Converses soon I thought I might as well go for the next best thing and go for mustard yellow tights instead, I think they’ll look great with denim or brown cord skirts and could I find any? Well actually I could, I got some from White Stuff but they were an effort to find. I normally buy my tights and socks, like pretty much any British woman, from Marks and Spencer, M&S have done some fantastic, interesting tights / knee high socks in the past, are they doing them this season? Nope. According to Marks and Spencer, we all want to wear black opaque tights and boring ankle high socks with dubious patterns, yawn. They say fashion reflects how a country feels about itself, are we all really so depressed we just want to wear boring tights? Anyway, thank goodness for White Stuff, although their tights never fit quite as well as M&S tights. White Stuff also have a lovely range of mustard yellow accessories / mustard yellow accented stuff, it’s like they’ve raided my brain. They also have a little cafe area (in my local store anyway) where you can have a cup of coffee or tea and eat a biscuit and donate whatever you feel to charity to say thank you and they have charity quarter pound of sweets at the till, they have definitely raided my brain.
Following: on Twitter my last three follows were @EmrgencyKittens because I like my oxytocin hit, @HemsleyHemsley, as I have a strange urge to spiralize stuff and @Hipstamatic as I love their camera app and despite the hiccup with their recent massive update, the app is now even cooler.
Noticing: the positive effect of doing housework.
Knowing: I shouldn’t be writing this, I should be working on my commission (to my credit, this is my lunch break).
Thinking: I shouldn’t have bought the bottle of what turns out to be nuclear hot chilli sauce from Kew Gardens.
Admiring: the scientists at NASA, they must love going to work in the morning.
Sorting: the big pile of junk under my bedroom window.
Getting: new socks and tights because it’s that time of year.
Bookmarking: my last three favourites on Twitter were

Lobster soirée. #knittingandstitchingshowpic.twitter.com/xALWGfKxx5

— Emily Peacock (@EmilyJPeacock) September 29, 2015

New Cross Stitch Pattern – Periodic Table http://t.co/BPFMpw0nUGpic.twitter.com/NARqNFKoHc

— Rebecca Greco (@hugsarefun) September 29, 2015

Not often I feel this good. But the sun is shining, the air is pure, I kicked anxiety’s butt, got a new film deal, ran 10k, and am ALIVE.

— Matt Haig (@matthaig1) September 29, 2015

Coveting: pretty much anything in Lakeland but I do particularly like their doughnut pans.
Disliking: a brand of veggie sausage I accidentally picked up in the supermarket.
Opening: Monster Munch bacon webs, yay, I love this time of year!
Giggling: at Mock the Week.
Feeling: the whole gamut.
Snacking: frazzles.
Helping: Girl Lacer has left primary school now (Boy Lacer is still there obviously but for some reason I’ve always tended to help out for her year group and not his, I think maybe because the mums in his year group are little bit more together), there’s less involvement in secondary school but there’s still a bit and I have volunteered to help out with a coffee stall. That was a real internal battle of introvert versus really introvert, that offer was, the coffee thing is on a rare night off work and I would quite like to just veg at home and not be social, that’s the really introvert side of me but the introvert side of me knows that I may not be 100% comfortable but I do enjoy getting out and meeting people, most of the time anyway and it would be good to get to know some of the parents at Girl Lacer’s new school, so (sensible) introvert won, I’m going to help serve coffee.
Hearing: the soundtrack for Geometry Dash, thank you Boy Lacer, not.


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