On the menu: birthday cakes for Boy Lacer



Boy Lacer loves wine gums and gummy bears, so for his birthday I thought I’d make him the Jelly Jewel cake from Peek-a-boo Cakes and I was going to alter it slightly by putting gummy bears in the middle instead. I happened to mention this to the family and that the cake would be a lime cake (the flavour of the actual cake) and everyone was all “hmm okay ….” and “can’t you make a chocolate cake, Boy Lacer likes chocolate cake”. So still wanting to make my lime cake, as after all I’m always making chocolate cake, I adapted my plans and made miniature versions of the jelly jewel cake. As they were miniature I also didn’t ice them on the outside, the instructions for the icing on the outside were complicated.

Anyway, it turned out that it’s lucky I listened to my family’s wisdom, as the jelly jewel cakes weren’t actually that nice. The actual cake was a bit on the dry side and although the filling was okay, especially with the gummy bears hidden inside, but it was a bit cloying. The gummy bears did work with the lime flavour in a way that a chocolate cake would not have though. But it’s lucky I did make a chocolate cake too.


The recipe is called ‘Mummy’s Salted Chocolate Cake’ and is from Tea and Cake with Lisa Faulkner. It was incredibly simple and quick to make, which was good as I’d spent so long faffing about with the lime cakes. The actual cake is not too chocolatey (good for Mr. Lacer who doesn’t like overly chocolatey cakes) but is incredibly moist and lovely. The filling, which is just a simple buttercream with a bit of milk, was lovely, even Girl Lacer, who is fussy about cake fillings and icings, liked it, in fact she liked the icing too and has requested that I repeat the recipe for her birthday cake (bye bye my more adventurous plans again, although perhaps I should take this as a lesson to reign in my ambition and just be happy making stuff my family likes). The icing, by the way, is quite chocolatey, still nice though. And I do like how the white of the filling contrasts with the rest of the cake. It feels a bit naughty but you can find the recipe on Google books.


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