Playing with the new Hipstamatic

RP Oct15

Hipstamatic had a massive update of their app recently and up till now I haven’t really had a chance to play with it properly, so I took a long cut home through Richmond Park this morning and had a go.

The app is a lot more stable now than when it was first released with its big update, however I still found it crashed sometimes but I think that says more about my phone than the app as despite really parring my phone down, I’m having massive storage issues at the moment. I think the redesign will take some getting used to, as it looks quite a bit different now (although you can still go back to using the faux camera case if you want too). I do like how the viewfinder is much much bigger and I really really like how if you don’t like the camera lenses / film combo you’ve just used, you can change it on the photo after the fact. One of my bugbears with the old Hipstamatic was how I could take an at the moment photo that couldn’t be replicated and find that the lenses / film combo was crap.

However there is one thing that really annoys me (okay, not ‘really annoys me’, there’re worse things in life but still, it’s a bit grrr), maybe there’s a setting I’m missing somewhere but although the photos save find on my phone’s camera roll, when they move over to my photostream they turn into normal iPhones shots (ie none of the filters). All my iDevices are generally being pissy at the moment but the whole normal iPhone instead of filtered shots on my photostream thing meant transferring the photos in the format I actually wanted was difficult (but that’s due to some tech, not design issues). I ended up having to load the photos into Instagram, which I’ve recently started using again too (that app’s changed a bit too!), so I could then get them onto my computer. I didn’t apply any filters to most of the Richmond Park photos I put on Instagram, as I wanted to show Hipstamatic filters, not Instagram’s. However, I did use an additional Instagram filter on the far right, bottom photo of the ferns, as the reds weren’t really showing up.

Edited to add (13/10/15) – I’ve since updated my iOS (yes I know, I took my time) and Hipstamatic has now become really unstable again (grrrh). I’ve tried reinstalling the app but that hasn’t helped. Basically it will take photos fine but if I want to look at the photo and change the filter (which surely is the whole point of this big change?), the app crashes out on me. I’ve flirted on and off with Instagram over the years and have always preferred Hipstamatic but I’ve got Instagram back on my phone again and the next time I need to remove an app to make space, unless more changes are made to make Hipstamatic more stable, that app will get deleted off my phone.

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