Hexie cushion and pouches


You may remember my hexie blanket popping up every now and then on this blog this year, in a sort of ‘look this is what I’m working on” kinda way. The blanket was to be my 2015 mood blanket, I still haven’t finished my 2014 one (a knitted version) but I have at least been making snail pace but progress nonetheless on that. I was inspired to make the mood blankets after reading about mood scarves here, the idea being that you notice what your predominant emotion was for that day, make note of it and if you’re making a scarf stitching a row with the colour representing that emotion for that day. As I’ve been making blankets, I’ve been making a knitted square (for 2014) or a hexie (for 2015) and I’m way behind.

I got to about May for the 2015 blanket, so almost half way done, quite a sizeable piece of hexie work but it and the stock of fabric I’d put aside for it was taking up space (and the fabric I had put aside was slowly leaching over to other projects instead). I had been still fairly consistently recording the predominant emotion for the day in my planner up till about August and then I kept forgetting, I could have gone back and hazarded a guess but it didn’t feel very accurate, so the whole 2015 project had been sitting in the corner giving me the guilt stares. And then a few days ago, when I very definitely should have been thinking about sewing something else, I was hit by a brainwave to make the blanket that I had into a cushion cover instead. So, I cut up the blanket (eek), made the cushion and found I still had some off cuts left and not wanting to waste them I also made some pouches, the pouches are lined, as my handstitched hexie fabric isn’t exactly the strongest and also it’s a little messy at the back, so the lining has neatened things up and given the pouches a bit of strength. So now I have another big cushion (can never have enough of those and the cushion pad had also been laying around, uncovered, taking up storage space too) and four pouches (also always useful), whereas before I had half a blanket I was feeling the guilts about, so result!


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