Happy Halloween!


Pumpkin by Girl Lacer and friend


Boy Lacer modelling a Wintercroft mask*

* I love Wintercroft masks, so I’ve been meaning to make one for quite a while. They’re such a good idea, you buy a pdf of whichever mask you like, print it out and stick it onto card, a cereal box is ideal but all my cereal boxes were already manky in the recycling outside, so I used some shiny card. The shiny card actually wasn’t ideal, as some of the creases didn’t look exactly crisp. I did the quick method without tabs, so it’s not as solid and as well constructed than if I had made it with tabs, but it still looks okay. If (when) I make another Wintercroft mask though, I will definitely take my time and use the tab method, I would also possibly use spray mount instead of prit stick, as even though I thought I had thoroughly glued the paper template to the card, I hadn’t, so sometimes I may have been sellotaping the inside together (on the paper side) but I wasn’t taping the card together, even though, if they had been properly glued together they would have been. So there was plenty of sellotape on the outside too but luckily I had some of that nearly invisible stuff, so it wasn’t that noticeable. I would also, as advised on the pdf, use a craft knife next time, using scissors is a bit tricky.


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