Some of the guys at work were doing Inktober, so I thought I’d play along too. Now most of these aforementioned guys at work happen to be professional illustrators and designers (needless to say, I work in a different department), so it was a bit like a minnow playing with the sharks but they’re very nice sharks and to be honest, not that shark like. Anyway, I’m really glad I did, I really enjoyed drawing every day and I think if you look over the month I have improved a bit, although there were still some extremely dodgy days towards the end of the month (say no more about that teapot).

I chose to use the exercise as a daily diary, recording something each day, in particular, that had made an impression on me, even if the thing that made an impression on me that day was the fact that I did some cleaning. And as I have enjoyed both the daily drawing and finding something diary like to draw, I will definitely be continuing into November.

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