Taking Stock – October

Playing along with Meet Me At Mike’s Taking Stock.

Making: This month has been another month of surgery (hopefully next month won’t be, a hat trick is enough for now), so my making, along with everything else, has been a bit curtailed by that. However, I did make a bag for my hospital stay and I managed to complete some embroidery, although it was a bit of a catastrophe in more ways than one. I also handed in another commission, although that was a massive rush job (my client knew it would be) on a tight deadline and it unfortunately wasn’t finished. I’ve also done quite a bit of cross stitch as per usual, including joining in with & Stitches Villains Stitch Along, my piece is nowhere near complete, it’s not even really recognisable yet, but I’m having a lot of fun seeing it take shape.


Can you tell who / what it is yet?

And for those who are desperate to see who my Mario cross stitch is going (not far basically)


Cooking: the surgery definitely stopped me cooking but before that happened I was really loving Nigella’s new book.

Drinking: as much fluids as I can, although a lot more of that should be water.

Reading: there’s been a lot of reading again this month and I can see signs that I am slowly moving away from my months long crime binge, which is good, but it’s a gradual process and meanwhile I’m enjoying reacquainting myself with some Agatha Christie’s plus really getting into the idea of some good old fashioned scary stories.

Wanting: I am trying to install more of an efficient break between wanting and getting. Often just pure economics will stop me getting something I want (i.e. an Apple Watch, I’ve wanted one of those for ages) but I have less will power for smaller things. I am trying to train myself, particularly in relation to my craft habit, to just get stuff that I know I am going to use straight away, which any crafter knows can be easier said than done sometimes. But I’ve come to the conclusion there is far more pleasure in going out and buying something and then using it, than going out, buying something, hoarding it, forgetting you have it, finding it again and then realising it wasn’t so great after all. We’re also going to be swapping bedrooms next summer (as we can’t afford to move), me and Mr. Lacer will be moving into the kids small bedroom and the kids will get our larger bedroom, so we’re drastically trying to reduce stuff.

Looking: I’ve been popping in and out of the V&A as usual. I saw the Fabric of India exhibition which was quite good but not as good as the McQueen exhibition, but that is an extremely high benchmark.

Playing: too much Two Dots.

Deciding: what I’m going to go and do (i.e. nice things) once the kids are back in school and I’m off medical leave, a few gentle day trips / walks in the park are in order.

Wishing: I could dry clothes outside on the line for a bit longer.

Enjoying: daily drawing.

Waiting: for more surgery dates.

Liking: this love letter of a video from Gwendoline Christie to the V&A.

Wondering: about future plans.

Loving: the hospital I’ve had my latest surgery at. I’ve had treatment from lots of different hospitals but this one shines like a star, the NHS as a whole is brilliant, it does a great job with horrible funding and politicians need to stop bashing it but there are some parts of the NHS that need to line up and see how other parts of the organisation do things and manage things in a way that they could only dream of.

Pondering: what I would do as health secretary (in case anyone is interested – I would (and this makes me sound like a Tory *shudder*) reduce local services to maybe just maternity, geriatrics, paediatrics, mental health, low level A&E and a few general wards and I would use all the money saved to create and encourage big centres of excellence, where the specialists would have lots of experience and be up to date and have access to all the latest stuff / ideas. I would encourage NHS hospitals to offer private health services / have private wings (more so than a lot of them currently do) if they wanted to but on the provision that all profit made went straight back into the NHS side of the hospital and that the provision of private services did not hinder access to NHS patients. I would limit all other forms of commercialisation and I would be bloody nice to doctors and nurses. Oh and I’d make sure there were enough of these centres of excellence so that everyone in the country could reach one within a couple of hours travel and that there were enough smaller centres for stuff where people wouldn’t want to travel so far).

Considering: the big bedroom swap as usual.

Buying: birthday presents.

Watching: as usual when I go on medical leave I think I’m going to watch loads of telly and then I find there’s nothing on. The new Muppets is cool though, the last few episodes of Doctor Who, not so cool.

Hoping: things settle with the new medication I’m on.

Marvelling: at the wonderful nurses and doctors that have treated me recently and wondering why do doctors go around in packs?

Cringing: at myself every time I’m a bit forgetful (which is quite often at the moment due to the new meds).

Needing: for me not to have to do a certain thing anymore, I’m hating it more and more and it’s being particularly infuriating at the moment. However, I have made a decision about that.

Questioning: ‘the thing’ (sorry I have to be vague).

Smelling: rotten pumpkin.

Wearing: clothes have been a struggle this month, after operation number 1 Mr. Lacer was all “right laundry baskets, I shall tame you!” and he did manage to pretty much empty them, by operation number 3 the novelty has worn off. So I have been wearing a lot of PJs, in part because I am sick at the moment but also because there’s been nothing else to wear because there has been very little laundry going on.

Following: @TrickOrTreatRun which is a cool, looking race in Richmond Park for Halloween, I would so be doing that if I was fit (I think Girl Lacer would like it too), so I’ve been following their twitter account just to make myself jealous and in the hope that they’ll do it next year so it’ll remind me to book a place then. @Foyles, I can not for the life of me remember why I followed this account, I think I may have clicked follow accidentally, but they’re a cool bookshop chain, so I’ll keep following them. @HPPlayLDN, in an ideal world I would be on the phone / net constantly in an effort to secure tickets for the Harry Potter play, but I don’t really have the energy / money at the moment and I am sort of hoping that they might do what they did with Benedict Cumberbatch’s Hamlet recently and all show video feeds of the live performance at the cinema. I think if they’re going to do that they’re not exactly going to advertise the fact now as that want to sell lots and lots of theatre tickets, but they must surely release the story in a more accessible way to the rest of the world at some point, surely?

Noticing: the lovely leaf colours.

thumb_IMG_5002_1024Knowing: not much, I think the latest surgery has knocked my IQ by about twenty points.

Thinking: about resurrecting an old ambition.

Admiring: Peter Capaldi (plus Jenna Coleman’s wardrobe), the last few episodes may have been a bit pants, but he’s an amazing actor (and so is Jenna Coleman, I’m just being shallow about her clothes).

Sorting: not much, but it needs doing, I’m thinking of having another clear out of my clothes, clothes are either a big confidence boost for me or a complete downer and as I’m not the most with it person in the morning, I’ve been thinking of developing even more of a ‘uniform’, this article I found on Pinterest today really sums up what I’ve been thinking.

Getting: a bad cold and a stomach bug on top of everything else.

Bookmarking: my last three twitter favourites were:

Coveting: the idea of a big kitchen (not going to happen).

Disliking: small kitchens.

Opening: any natural cold remedy I can get my hands on.

Giggling: Have I Got News For You (I still love my topical news quizzes)

Feeling: rotten.

Snacking: jelly beans.

Helping: Boy Lacer with his homework.

Hearing: more Show Ponies, you can’t beat them plus for some reason Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud has been on my Spotify a lot recently, I love that song.


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