Getting walking again


I’ve had three surgeries in three months, I’m still recovering from the last one and will probably be feeling its effects for quite a while but as it now looks like there’s going to be a gap in treatment, I want to slowly but surely build up my fitness levels again, as I’m a firm believer in ‘if you don’t use it, you lose it’. My phone tracks how far I walk each day automatically and up until July, when I had the first operation, I was walking a pretty constant 130km a month, but that number has, understandably, dropped dramatically over the last three months and I want it back up again.


I used to be able to handle 9 – 10 km walks but that would be madness right now, so I had a gentle, slightly breathless, slightly limpy 4.5km walk instead, which is about as short as I can make it if I want to head to the park, as it is a little bit of walk to get to the park and back. I think the distance in the park itself was about 2km, with lots of stops to take photos. I walked what I’ve always considered the ‘boring route’, a straightforward path between two of the park gates but luckily it was foggy today because I love any part of the park when it’s foggy and it is always so photogenic when it’s like that.


I used Hipstamatic for these, yes I’m still persevering. I had the ‘lens’ set on 16:9, somehow square shots didn’t feel like they were going to capture the full scale of the woods. I always love how fog makes the trees look bigger and everything else feels much, much smaller.


thumb_HipstamaticPhoto-468149215.907027_1024 thumb_HipstamaticPhoto-468149383.559678_1024 thumb_HipstamaticPhoto-468149525.550583_1024 thumb_HipstamaticPhoto-468149536.850366_1024 thumb_HipstamaticPhoto-468149579.469629_1024 thumb_HipstamaticPhoto-468149661.616338_1024


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