Slade House

Slade HouseSlade House by David Mitchell
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I read Slade House straight after The Bone Clocks, Slade House is set in the same universe and features some of the same characters or people who knew characters from Bone Clocks. You could read Slade House without having read The Bone Clocks but there’s a quite delicious bit where a character from The Bone Clocks turns up and the narrator doesn’t realise quite what this character is, whereas we the readers or at least the readers who have read Bone Clocks do know. But then again, if you haven’t read The Bone Clocks, you would get a nice surprise at a certain point. Anyway Slade House is about a big, grand mansion that only appears every 9 years on a certain day. A ‘guest’ is either invited or wanders in and mysterious things happen to them. I did find this element a bit repetitive. I also had hoped the book would be a little scarier, although there were a few chilling parts. The book is certainly a good three stars but due to it’s length I guess, it lacked the breadth, subtlety and involvement of The Bone Clocks, so it was a tiny weeny bit disappointing but I did enjoy getting back into The Bone Clocks world,

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