Another Richmond Park Walk

autumn 1

This time I managed 6.6km, almost twice the distance of my last Richmond Park walk, this time walking in the direction of Pembroke Lodge Gardens, which meant some hills! Lots of stops though to fiddle with my camera phone, but I think I’ve got Hipstamatic to work properly, yay! The trick is, if you’re going to edit the photos, go to the ‘shot with Hipstamatic’ folder, not the all photos folder because if you do the latter, it crashes out, it doesn’t though if you’re in the former. Which is good because I was on the verge of deleting the app, in fact at the start of the walk I was using Instagram but nah, it just doesn’t have the feel of Hipstamatic and I much prefer Hipstamatic’s filters.

autumn 2

Flowers in November! The flowers were in Pembroke Lodge gardens, which had a fading gentility about it today. Although the gardens are on the top of a hill, I presume the gardens must be quite sheltered.

Anyway with all the pauses in my walk my average pace was cringeworthy, a lot more than the last walk but it’s not a race and it had absolutely nothing to do with me being breathless after tackling the hill twice.

autumn 3


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