A hat for Boy Lacer


My Christmas spirit is currently in negative numbers, but I need to get on with my Christmas making. A few years ago I came to a crafty truce with myself that I don’t have to make loads of crafts for Christmas but this year with all the medical leave I’ve had, I am extremely and utterly broke (I have a zero hours contract job, which does have some paid sick leave but I used that up a long time ago, so I’ve been on SSP) and I haven’t been able to start Christmas present shopping yet (except for some weird reason I’ve done my aunts and uncles, who are normally way low down on my list of priorities but a combination of being in the right place at the right time for a train mad uncle in a TFL gift shop and in a craft shop that was selling some lovely, indie made candles in tea cups which suited the rest of the aunts and uncles and at the time having some cash in my bank account, they’re all sorted). So I do need to make some stuff this year.

First up in a hat for Boy Lacer using a pattern from this month’s Mollie Makes (issue 60). The pattern is really easy and even more importantly really quick, I’m not the fastest knitter, but I think this took me probably about 3 hours, maybe even less. It also uses only half a ball of wool, although I substituted the pattern’s recommended wool with Rowan’s Big Wool, which is only 80 metres compared to the recommended wool’s 112 metres, so I don’t think I have quite enough left to make another hat (unless, maybe, I change the colour of the bobble).

I wish there were more people on my Christmas present list that needed a woolly hat, as I could happily make a lot more of these but as it is, although I have another five presents to make, everything is all planned and as much as I love this hat pattern, I like the stuff I’ve planned more, if you know what I mean. I may make myself one of these hats though, when I have the time and more wool funds, as it is very warm and comfy. I quite fancy one in mustard yellow.

I’m modelling the hat by the way as I could hardly give it to Boy Lacer now, it would sort of ruin the point but also because both me and Boy Lacer have large heads and so I know that if the hat fits me it will also fit him and it does fit really comfortably, I did adapt the pattern slightly though by adding an additional two stitches when casting on but I probably didn’t need to do that.


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