On the menu: even more Nigella plus some baking



Leek pasta bake from Nigella, it was okay but, to be honest, it was more fun making it than eating it. I had hoped it would have tasted a bit more savoury, but it didn’t really.


I also made (because I was bored and boredom is more often than not remedied by some fun in the kitchen) some roasted garlic bread from James Morton’s Brilliant Bread book. That was fun to make too and even better tasted delicious! I don’t think I’ve gone wrong with a single bread from Morton’s book yet. The crust was lovely and crusty, not bigging myself up or anything because it was purely down to the recipe, but it was the sort of crust you’d expect at a good baker’s, not at home. And the inside, oh the inside, it would have passed Paul Hollywood’s press test (does the bread spring back when you press it?) easily. I know I say this a lot, but I need to make more bread, actual time spent in the kitchen is so low yet with such minimal effort you get this!




I made spiced apple and blueberry compote from Simply Nigella for breakfast, it didn’t take too long, just the amount of time I would have normally spent mooching around on social media and the result was far better than a few tweets. It’s a really simple dish, just apples, blueberries, some spices and some maple syrup, but the whole thing smelt amazingly Christmas-y, which is the closest I’ve got to feeling Christmas-y so far this year, it also tasted pretty good too.




I wanted to bake something and it was feeling like biscuits, so I picked the first doable biscuit recipe I could find; chocolate flapjack biscuits from Miranda Gore Browne’s Biscuit. I know they’re not the neatest bake ever (although I’m sure a half way neater baker than me could make this recipe look a lot more attractive) but they were okay, they were certainly eaten quickly by me and the kids.



May look like granola, but there are some actual bars in there

I made Breakfast Bars 2.0 from Simply Nigella, I’m not a massive seeded bar fan, but they looked nice on TV and I needed something healthier in my life. They’ve got a lot of ingredients in them though, ingredients that are probably okay to find in London (although I couldn’t find any flax seeds, I didn’t look very hard though), they’re probably a bit harder to find in say, rural Wales. Also, a lot of the ingredients are a bit on the expensive side, luckily though for me though I had a lot of the ingredients already in the cupboard. Anyway, due to the lack of flax seeds these are slightly adapted (I added a bit more oats to compensate).

They were soo pretty to make, all the different colours and textures (that’s one of the things I love about Simply Nigella, it’s like Nigella has not only put time and effort into making sure what the recipe produces is brilliant but also she’s put time and effort into making sure the experience of making the recipes is the best possible relaxing, sense pleasing experience too), unfortunately though I burnt the result a bit (not as burnt as it looks in the photo though!). Taste wise, hmmm, well they are a bit worthy, but they’re okay, I’ve certainly eaten worse. They definitely would set me up for the morning if I had one for breakfast. They’re the sort of snack which I would happily eat if I was hungry but could just as easily avoid eating if I just had the munchies.


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