The End

The End (The Enemy, #7)The End by Charlie Higson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

So, the final book of Charlie Higson’s epic The Enemy series. This one took a little while for me to warm to but *gulp* the final scenes. In this one, the sickos are massing and the kids have to organise themselves for one last final battle, but there are complications that aren’t making it easy. As usual there is a massive death toll but Higson always writes really good death scenes and he does so here.

Thinking about what another favourite writer, Matt Haig, has said about the importance of books, in that they connect us and teach us what it is to be human, The Enemy series and, in particular, The End, is exactly that sort of book. Just like ancient hero stories, the series teaches us that it’s not how long we’ve got, it’s what we do with our time that counts, it’s about standing up for your mates, standing together, being sh*t scared but doing it anyway. I know Higson didn’t write The Enemy series to be some sort of moral tome, he wrote it because he wanted to scare kids but oh it so works on both fronts. I bet I’m not the only person though who would have loved a ‘year later’ epilogue.

Oh and as a final aside, anyone else wonder if the naming of David, the up himself leader of the Buckingham Palace kids was deliberate? Ahem.

Cameron Daily Echo

(photo from The Southern Daily Echo)

As The End progressed, every time the character David appeared, all I could picture him as was as a young David Cameron …

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