Another Richmond Park walk: Ham Gate to Isabella Plantation


I haven’t blogged about any walks for a week or two, that’s because I haven’t been on any, as I’ve been quite busy (and the weather has been horrible) however I have been trying to make sure that I keep my walking up and there is now significantly less catching of buses, so getting back to how I used to walk in and out of town. So most days I’m walking between 3 – 5km. Anyway, today’s walk was a quick in out job, no particular wandering about but it still managed to be about 6km (I can’t be exact on this one, as my walking app froze on me for part of the route and as usual I’ve included the distance to and from my home too).


Now Isabella Plantation is okay, if you like that sort of thing (can you guess that I don’t really?), it’s a very much more formal and managed part of Richmond Park, so I tend to avoid it but today was very much about putting one foot in front of the other and getting some exercise and well I needed somewhere to aim at. Luckily though the walk to Isabella Plantation is quite nice when the deer are around, which they were today. I kind of wish I had my proper camera with me, as the deer were looking all moody against the morning low light and mist but you’ll just have to put up with them looking tiny on my phone shots.



And finally a token shot actually in Isabella Plantation.



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