I’ve got a million other things I could / should be making but I needed a new iPad case as I have some travelling coming up, so my thought process basically went “I could make one” (relatively quickly) to “I could make one out of patchwork” (not so quick) to “I could make one with patchwork and embroidery” (definitely not at all quick). Now I have a massive collection of embroidery patterns I have yet to stitch up, so I had fun looking through my collection and I settled on the Bibliophile pattern from Urban Threads. I thought it was nicely ironic considering it’s for an iPad but in my defence it’s got an awful lot of ebooks on it.


I knew, stitching it in white on a patchwork background was a bit risky and I don’t think it’s completely paid off, for a start I’d used Sulky Solvy for this again (is there some sort of embroiderer’s help group to wean me off this stuff?) and when I washed it off, one of the colours in one of the fabrics ran, staining my nice white embroidery grey! Luckily though sticking it in my washing machine with a colour catcher sheet, this time did work, phew! But back to the actual patchwork, I don’t think the embroidery is particularly clear against the greeny – blue fabric with little squares, still, you live and learn and actually, you can’t really get this across in photos but it is one of those things that looks clearer the further away you are from it, it only looks really indistinct close up.


(my back garden, the only place with remotely decent light today)

I constructed the iPad case with a layer of patchwork, some fleece to act as some very minor padding and then an inner lining. When I did the embroidery I embroidered through the fleece layer as well to try and get a bit of a quilted effect, it worked only slightly, but oh well. There’s also a button and a small loop of ribbon to act as a closure. The whole thing is a little tight but it luckily fits, so my iPad is all ready for its travels.


(the back)


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