Taking Stock – November 2015

Playing along with Meet Me At Mike’s Taking Stock

Making : It’s been a much busier than the recent usual month for making, I’ve made two hats and an iPad case (I know, it doesn’t sound like that much does it but it has been more than I’ve made in the last few months, finished made that is). I have several cross stitch projects still on going and I’ve started a new one (because like, there’s never not enough). Mario wasn’t worked on this month but I’ve made good progress on my mystery villian, can you tell who it is yet? I’ve also been working on some Christmas stuff.

Cooking : Nigella is a cooking god, her latest book, Simply Nigella is absolutely brilliant and I’ve had a lot of fun cooking from it this month. I also feel myself getting back into making bread.
Drinking : more coffee and Ovaltine Light, yum.
Reading: I haven’t had any surgery this month (hooray!), so the amount I’ve been reading has dropped, also not helped by me temporarily suspending my Audible account, as I’m trying to save money. I have about 15 unlistened to or only partially listened to audiobooks on my Audible account, some bought with credits but a lot bought in those daily £2.99 deals they do and guess what, I don’t want to listen to any of them! But I can’t not have an audiobook on the go, so officially I’m currently listening to The Devil in the Marshalsea, I’m still at the beginning but the main character is so unlikeable, I’m not getting that much incentive to keep listening. Other than that I’ve been reading some ‘spooky’ books, because, well, the time of year, managing to steer well clear of the murder books I’ve been binging on for months. But in a fit of boredom I’ve just started to read the second in the Dublin Murder Squad series and guess what, I’m enjoying that one much more, so I guess I shouldn’t be so much of a book snob.
Wanting: not much, although I know what I’d like from Father Christmas (one of those removable plate toasted sandwich makers or a large wooden cantilever sewing box).
Looking: I popped into the V&A’s Bejewelled Treasures exhibit recently, it was a pay to get in exhibit but as I have membership it was free. The exhibit definitely fell into my personal category of ‘I’m glad I’ve got membership so I can see it but if I had had to pay I wouldn’t have been as keen’. I’m not really a sparkly jewellery person, although some of the diamonds in the exhibit were really impressively sparkly and it was interesting in that the exhibit ranged from historic to modern Indian jewellery pieces and design wise there wasn’t that much difference (it seemed to me anyway), although maybe the modern pieces were a bit less intricate. I’m sure if you like jewellery it’s probably worth paying to go and see. That’s one of the many great things about V&A membership, you get to widen your viewing horizons more than you would if you had to go and pay for everything.
Playing: Plants vs Zombies of course (new world, yay!) and I’ve managed to get myself to delete Two Dots off my iPad (double yay!).
Deciding: I’m still in the long lead up to a major operation and the doctors are really putting me through my paces as far as me deciding exactly what I want.
Wishing: the operation would hurry up and happen.
Enjoying: a clean and tidy kitchen.
Waiting: (see wishing).
Liking: how technologically whizz bang (christ I sound old) Girl Lacer’s new school is.
Wondering: when my operation is going to happen! (you can see I’m a bit desperate)
Loving: getting out and seeing Snowdonia this weekend, even though the weather was awful and it was only from the car, I need to travel more.

Pondering: about that big operation but I’m pretty sure I’ve made up my mind (I know, I know, there’s a theme developing).
Considering: (see pondering).
Buying: not much, I’ve been really broke, my job doesn’t have much paid medical leave and I ran out of that a long time ago. Luckily my dad came to the rescue with some money, so I’ve got the kids main Christmas presents. Christmas present shopping for the kids this year is going to be different anyway, as we’re trying to streamline the amount of stuff they have, so there’s not much point buying even more! So their main Christmas presents are pushing the boat out a bit but everything else will be ‘useful’ stuff.
Watching: Doctor Who, that latest episode, Heaven Sent, wow, awards need to be given for that one, particularly as Peter Capaldi carried off more of the episode on his own and the episode before that, Face the Raven *gulp*.
Hoping: that I’m fit and healthy for my next operation, one of my previous operations (I think op number 2) did some damage to my lungs, which is hopefully healable.
Marvelling: at the NHS’s ability to handle paperwork (I’m being sarcastic there).
Cringing: I’m not very good at putting my opinion across sometimes and then when I do put my opinion across I then spend ages cringing about it afterwards, that.
Needing: to eat at least 300 calories less a day, not happening though, although seeing that figure written down, 300, that’s nothing really, less than a bar of chocolate and a can of coke, I should be able to do that.
Questioning: what I want from my ‘career’.
Smelling: not much.
Wearing: jeans, jumpers and a waterproof coat.
Following: my last three follows on Twitter were; @jamienichollsuk – I didn’t use to be much of a sports follower but then I got a job were one of the clients for the company I work for, was a big name in sports and whilst working on projects for that client I became a lot more aware of various sports people, I’ve even been known to actually actively follow (sort of) various sporting events now, anyway, one of the things I’ve particularly enjoyed when working for this client is when it’s winter sports season, as it turns out, I love watching snow boarding videos, you’d never get me on a snow board (although I wish I was adventurous and fit enough to try) but I do really get a second hand kick from watching other people bomb down mountains and Jamie Nicholls is one of them, @T2TeaOfficial – a really nice tea company and lovely service and @SG_SkyGarden – because I desperately want Sky Garden tickets for later on next month.
Noticing: that a clean kitchen is vital for my wellbeing.
Knowing: that men who do housework are extremely sexy.
Thinking: about budgetry things.
Admiring: Peter Capaldi’s stonkingly good acting skills.
Sorting: various parts of the flat that need tidying.
Getting: the (often) aforementioned big op will as a side effect, so to speak, change my body shape quite drastically, so knowing this has stopped me buying any clothes that are remotely fitted because anything that is fitted and that fits me now, will be too big after the op. But, I was away last weekend in Wales, where the weather was being very Welsh (i.e. heavy rain and gales) and I didn’t currently have a waterproof coat (other than a very thin pac-a-mac type thing, which to be honest is not that waterproof). I really had actively not wanted to buy any coats this winter (not until after the op anyway) but I didn’t really have any choice, so I bought a 100% waterproof coat in the Black Friday sales. It’s currently slightly too small for me, particularly if I’m wearing a thick jumper and I know it will be a bit too big for me later, but like I say, no choice. And it’s nice having a 100% waterproof coat, I’ve been burnt so many times by just buying cheaper showerproof coats because really, you can’t dictate the weather or only go out just when it’s showering not proper raining. So you’ll be out in your showerproof coat and within 5 minutes the rain has soaked through. They probably laugh at showerproof coats in Wales. Anyway my new coat got well and truely tested over the weekend and yep it works.
Bookmarking: last three ‘likes’ on Twitter (I hate how Twitter has gone all Facebook with the hearts).



Coveting: a proper big cantilever, wooden, sewing box, I’m not sure where I’d put it.
Disliking: a certain breed of Londoner (often well off and self entitled) who live in their own little bubble and automatically think their needs are more important than anyone else. I’m sure people like that unfortunately exist outside of London but they seem to be particularly populuous round here.
Opening: nothing much, instead I’ve been cancelling subscriptions left, right and centre.
Giggling: Have I Got News For You, as usual.
Feeling: bored.
Snacking: too much coke and chocolate.
Helping: my volunterring days are currently pretty much over.
Hearing: more Show Ponies, Newton Faulkner’s new album and a lot more Radio 4 (I am getting old).


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