Advent Calendar


I made an advent calendar! To be honest, this was one of those projects that sounded great initially in my head but I had to force my way through it a bit when I started it (and to get myself to complete it) but now it’s done, I quite like it! Okay, some of the embroidery is extremely dodgy, which is what happens when you’re stitching in bad light / on tiny hoops where you’ve not allowed yourself enough fabric / on trains / trying to do fill stitch using black floss over black ink on Sulky Solvy and you can’t always tell if you’ve completely covered the area you want to cover.

Some of my more better examples of embroidery

I created the project by making a page in Word with the numbers 1. to 24. (obviously) at the sort of font size I wanted (I think it was 72). I made all the numbers bold and then I made each number a different font. I printed this up on Sulky Solvy and then cut each number out and placed it onto the fabric I was using for the bags. If I were to do this again and I was again going to use black embroidery floss, I would perhaps print the numbers out in a different colour, to make the fill stitching easier to see as I progressed. As for the fill stitching itself, to stop myself getting too bored, I changed my fill stitches around a bit (it also helped in that some fonts, for example, would be not as easy to satin stitch but much easier to stitch in a different fill stitch). I used satin stitch, back stitch fill stitch and chain stitch. Using french knots would have been nice too but oh I did not have the patience for that!

FullSizeRender 18

Some of the bags at the bottom of the calendar look empty because they are; I’ve filled most of the bags with either mini Mars brand chocolates or mini bags of Haribo starmix but I’ve run out (which *ahem* has nothing to do with me eating them). It’s probably a good thing though that some of the bags are currently empty as I’m a bit worried the whole thing is going to fall down as it is, so all the bags full up would only make it heavier. I will be going to the shops and getting some lollipops or something similar or maybe getting a few small toys from the pocket money toy section or some small pieces stationary. With the advent calendar, as with Christmas presents in general for the kids, I try and get like for like for both of them (although that’s getting increasingly hard, as Girl Lacer gets into teenagery girl stuff and well, Boy Lacer is a 10 year old boy) but if I were to do this for just a girl or two girls, I think some nice lip salve and stuff like that would be good too.


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