I thought I’d practice my Illustrator a bit, so I’ve been following along with Brad Woodard‘s Skillshare class on Digital Illustration: Communicate with Color, Pattern and Texture. I have no formal art training, in fact I hated art at school (which probably had a lot to do with one absolutely awful art teacher and the rest of the department not being that inspiring either) and I always thought I was the scientific black sheep of a quite artistic family (my mum was a formally trained artist, my sister and my dad good too). But I guess I discovered my ‘artistic side’ through embroidery and it’s been slowly spreading out from there. Anyway, so the class was useful, as it covered some colour theory that I didn’t really know and also some technical stuff with Illustrator that I hadn’t really learnt before, unfortunately most of which I couldn’t really apply to this picture, as when I did, it looked worse! But that’s the style this picture has turned out to be, there was some very useful stuff on natural vector shapes which I will be using in the future.

Anyway, the topic of the picture was to be either quiet or loud. I chose quiet, inspired by this photo from Camp Brand Goods. I think I’ve more, through my use of colour, managed to convey ‘cold’ more effectively than ‘quiet’ but it’s not exactly going to be that noisy out there on a lake. When I look at this picture I can imagine I’m hearing the wind and the cry of distant birds and waves lapping against the shore.

I am not 100% happy with the result, the bank on the left hand side of the picture looks particularly iffy, but still, practice, practice, practice!



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