Sky Garden

Sky Garden etc Dec 15

We went to see the Sky Garden today, which is at the top of the building in the photo above. It’s known locally in London as the cheese grater (because we can’t help naming skyscrapers) but whose real name is 20 Fenchurch Street (maybe that’s why we give skyscrapers silly names with names like that).

Sky Garden etc Dec 15-3
Outside the Cheese Grater, with Girl Lacer enjoying the phenomenal wind tunnel effect caused by the skyscraper.

What attracted me particularly to the Sky Garden was that it’s free! I refuse point blank to go up the Shard (the tall building in London), even on the rare occasion I’m flush with funds, because it costs a small fortune to go up there and having gone up various tall structures in other foreign cities and not have had to take out a second mortgage, I think the Shard’s a complete rip off.


Sky Garden etc Dec 15-5
The breathtaking view as you step out of the lift lobby (with the aforementioned Shard in the distance).


Anyway, to go up to the Sky Garden, you do have to pre-book in advance and that means having to watch their website like a hawk, as they only release tickets in two week blocks, near to the date and they’re popular, so they go relatively quickly I think.

The garden itself though, well, it was okay (it did smell quite nice) but I think I’ve been spoilt by Kew, so it didn’t completely blow me away.

Sky Garden etc Dec 15-18

The Sky Garden has a restaurant and bar, way out of our league but they do have a nice coffee shop too. We had two biscuits, a slice of cake and three glasses of homemade lemonade, which were extremely nice (coffee shop can be so hit and miss, but the cake I had and the lemonade were obviously made with love and care) but ouch, they were expensive, I think my bank account cried a little when I handed over my card.

Sky Garden etc Dec 15-21

All in all it was a lovely place to go for a day out and I think it has definitely been added onto our family’s list of places to take out of towners when they visit.

Sky Garden etc Dec 15-13






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