What I stitched for Christmas (a What Delilah Did marathon)


I had lot more planned to stitch for Christmas but it didn’t happen, just too busy (or in one case, it went wrong). A couple of the pieces (two presents for the kids), will hopefully get completed and given at another time, though. Anyway, as it turns out, all the stitchy stuff I actually completed for Christmas was by What Delilah Did. I made the little stitched mitten above as an ornament for my sister (stuffed with a few art things as a present). The pattern is from Stitch the Halls (which is a lovely book).


And then I made the trio of Cindermice patterns, with kits from Cloud Craft. I absolutely loved making these. The patterns come with video tutorials, so Sophie from What Delilah Did really walks you through making these. I hadn’t really made anything of this scale and complexity before and although my cindermice do not look as neat as Sophie’s, I am really pleased with the results. There is something so pleasurable with creating something small but detailed, that will sit in the palm of your hand.

I definitely learnt some new techniques / improved on old bad habits with this one and I’ve discovered two new favourite tools, the haemostat, which is actually a surgical tool but is fantastic for getting into small, fiddly spaces or tugging needles out of them and applique pins, I can’t believe I’ve been struggling along with normal size pins for so long (plus they’re cute!).

I really love the details on these and I hope they’ll be on the Christmas tree for many years to come (and I hope What Delilah Did does something similar next year!).


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