Taking Stock: December

Playing along with Meet Me At Mike’s Taking Stock

Making : As with I can imagine most crafters, most my making this month was taken up with Christmas stuff, so when Christmas was over I was all like, what do I make now!?! Even though I’ve got countless WIPs, but I settled on my neglected for a few months now, Mario WIP, my progress doesn’t look like much since my last progress picture for Mario but trust me, that cliff took ages.

FullSizeRender 36

And talking of things that took ages, that hair (which I was working on at the beginning of the month when I should have been working on Christmas stuff), that took ages too (and I’m nowhere near finished).

FullSizeRender 37
Cooking : this month has of course been about Christmas cooking, check out my post tomorrow about what I cooked for the big day.
Drinking : way more alcohol than normal (big cheesy grin).
Reading: my reading mojo vanished on me this month, it felt for a long time that I was actually not going to finish any books this month but in the end I’ve completed three books (okay, one of them was a comic series). I just couldn’t settle into anything but as I’ve reached the end of the month I’ve found myself on a non-fiction kick (which might be want I need, as fiction isn’t doing that much for me at the moment, maybe I need a fiction break). Everest 1953 was pretty good and I’m now reading Them by Jon Ronson, which so far is really good, I’ve never read any of his stuff before and I can definitely see me reading more.
Wanting: a Nespresso machine, probably not going to happen though.
Looking: at the new V&A Europe 1600-1815 gallery and some photography exhibits, which were pretty good.
Playing: Scroodles, I am addicted.

Deciding: not much this month, for once.
Wishing: all my current medical care was one place, trust me, the quality of care in the NHS varies.
Enjoying: my current audiobook (the aforementioned Them)
Waiting: for appointments.
Liking: Pret a Manger porridge, oh my goodness, it’s like someone at Pret has reached into my brain and made porridge exactly how I like it.
Wondering: how often I can get away with eating more Pret porridge.
Loving: my new toastie maker (which I got for Christmas), it has removable plates (!!!!!), so no more cleaning toastie maker nightmares!
Pondering: increasing my exercise routine.
Considering: going on a reduced sugar diet in the New Year (well, from January 4th, my birthday is on the 3rd and I’m not planning on eating reduced sugar then!). I’ve been using myfitnesspal app consistently for a few months now and my diet is surprisingly low fat most of the time (there’s a few blips, if, say, I eat macaroni cheese but as my diet is low fat most of the time, that’s okay) but my diet is definitely not low sugar. Now I do not believe in cutting out sugar completely, so my plan come 4th January will be to cut out commercially made sugary stuff, so I can still make cake and eat it. I figure there’s no way I can make sugary stuff as frequently as I currently consume commercially made stuff, so there will be a reduction there and even if I do end up baking more, that’s actually a good thing as baking and cooking are relaxing, plus when you’re making it yourself, you know exactly what is in it, so no other nasties and often you’ve got good stuff too, like fruit, seeds and wholegrains. Also I’ve been wanting to have a go at making sweets and cordials, now if I want sweets and cordials, well, I’ll have to make them.
Buying: new Converses with Christmas money, hopefully they’ll arrive soon.
Watching: I’ve watched some good stuff this month; Luther, Hinterland and the first series of The Bridge stand out.
Hoping: for some answers (preferably nice ones).
Marvelling: at how well organised some institutions can be.
Cringing: at things some people say.
Needing: more caffeine.
Questioning: my actions.
Smelling: Method cleaning products, I love them.
Wearing: jeans and jumpers, not that I’ve really needed the jumpers part, it’s been scarily mild.
Following: my last three follows on Twitter were; @brave_the_woods (Brad Woodard’s design studio), @MsEmilyApple (another artist I love) and @ZombiesRunGame (as I’m investigating apps to help me get back into running).
Noticing: the early signs of spring, which is wrong.
Knowing: we’ve definitely screwed our climate up.
Thinking: that my love of sugary things is definitely more of a habit than a love.
Admiring: Nigella Lawson, for totally ruling Christmas cooking.
Sorting: trying to mother-in-law proof the flat for when/if she comes help with the kids.
Getting: bored easily.
Bookmarking: my last three likes (I hate that, it’s favourites) on Twitter were;

This is shocking, well not really, it’s more sad and not that surprising. Ironically I’ve also lived in Kings Lynn and Kingston and Kings Lynn are quite different places.

This looks good, I’m a sucker for organise your life stationary.

Coveting: that Kickstarter thing above and a Nespresso machine.
Disliking: when people say they’re going to do something, then don’t.
Opening: Christmas presents.
Giggling: at nothing in particular.
Feeling: stressed.
Snacking: Christmas chocolate.
Helping: myself to Christmas chocolate.
Hearing: Christmas music.


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