On the menu: chocolate chunk muffins


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My January resolution was to cut out processed sugar, eating cakes, biscuits and sweets I made myself was fine (I was even thinking of making my own fruit cordials) but cans of coke and chocolate bars and biscuits were definitely out, hmmmm. I didn’t last long, the problem with my get out of clause of still being able to eat my own baking was that I felt so listless and sugar deprived I didn’t have the energy to do any baking! I think I tried to reduce my sugar too fast, my body is still recovering from the surgeries I had last year and my metabolism is not what it was. So ‘cutting out’ is out and ‘reducing’ is in. I am addicted to the myfitnesspal app on my phone, which records how much I’m eating and it feeds into the health app also on my phone, which does nice little graphs. If I look at my last month (mid December to mid January), my sugar consumption is way above the average line in most cases in December and in most cases is below the average line in January, I think I have probably reduced my sugar consumption by about 50g most days, I still have my days when I’m not so controlled. I need to reduce that by about another 25g, which is just missing out on a can of soft drink really but fizzy drinks are my massive weak spot.

Anyway thanks to not feeling so listless and sugar deprived (thanks to a can of Sprite, which at least has quite a bit less sugar than Coke, my real weakness), I managed to do some baking. The muffins in the photo above don’t look like much but they were delicious. They were the chocolate chunk muffins from the Huckleberry cookbook. I had popped into my local corner shop the day before for something, didn’t have enough cash on me, so had to may for my shopping by card and they only accept cards for payments over £6, so I had to grab two large bars of Galaxy chocolate to get the total to the required amount. I told Girl Lacer I was going to use them to make chocolate chip cookies, which I had (and still have) a real craving for but could I find a chocolate chip cookie recipe in my cookbook collection? Nope. I’m sure I must have one somewhere and I know I could have looked online but I wanted to actually make use of my cookbook collection. Anyway, whilst looking I did find the chocolate chunk muffin recipe in the Huckleberry book, although by the time I got to baking the two bars of chocolate had somehow turned into one bar of chocolate, *ahem*.

So, there’s nowhere near as much chocolate in the muffins as the recipe prescribed (there wouldn’t have been enough even with two bars) but that was okay and at least it reduced the calorie count a bit. I also didn’t sprinkle the tops of the muffins with sugar either. The muffins were lovely and moist and to be honest, probably a little too buttery, if that’s ever such a thing with a cake but the taste of the butter was a bit overwhelming. Anyway, overwhelmingly buttery or not, I ate three of these on the Sunday and ate the last one the next day. Needless to say, my sugar count on the Sunday was way too high, so it’s probably a good thing I don’t have the energy to bake too often.


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