Shakespeare Embroideries


Shakespeare embroideries-4
Not good light to photograph embroideries today but these needed to be rushed off to their recipient

Girl Lacer is in a Shakespeare play at school, so being all keen and enthusiastic she took in the Fowl Talk embroidery I did last year to show her teacher. Her teacher loved it and asked if I could make one for her, she offered money but as it’s not my pattern (the pattern is by Follow the White Bunny) obviously I couldn’t accept any, although I would have done it for free anyway, any excuse for embroidery and Girl Lacer adores her teacher, so it was a pleasure. So much of a pleasure that I also, as a surprise, stitched up Little Dorrit & Co.’s Romeo and Juliet balcony scene (I added the quote underneath).

Shakespeare embroideries-3

As with any Little Dorrit and Co pattern, there’s lots of different stitches you can use, which is always great fun. I’m not totally happy with the colours I chose for this but I was trying to get in a lot of the school colours. I was also using puppets embroidery thread for this, as I got a big box for Christmas from my dad. I’d never heard of puppets embroidery thread but the box says it’s made by Coats, so that’s a good sign it should be reasonable quality. I have a feeling my dad got it from HobbyCraft or somewhere similar. I was a little dubious using it, as I’ve been burnt by cheap embroidery threads before but this was okay, not as smooth as Anchor or DMC, so a few of my lazy daisy stitches stick up a bit but it’s okay. And it’s always a pleasure to have a big box of embroidery threads to choose from.

Shakespeare embroideries

I used an iron on transfer pen for both of these embroideries, 2016 will be the year I wean myself off my dependence of Sulky Solvy. The iron transfer pen I used was from Sublime Stitching, so a nice thin line, although I ironed on too heavily the Romeo and Juliet pattern (so you can see it a little bit in places) and not quite enough for the Fowl Talk pattern, I need some practice. But at least using that method I didn’t have to wash my embroideries, so no colour leaching (!) which is what happened with my original Fowl Talk embroidery. Even ignoring the colour leaching, I think I prefer this version, again I tried to use school colours a bit and this time it worked and as much as I do like stitching on patterned fabric, I think I’ve been underestimating white, as the pattern looks so much more clearer and defined this time.

Shakespeare embroideries-2

For reference, here’s my original version again.




3 thoughts on “Shakespeare Embroideries

  1. Just caught these over on Flickr (I’m so desperately slow with reading blogs lately!) and EEP! I love your added quote, that’s fantastic, and I can’t tell you how it makes my heart explode to see someone put so much hard work into one of our designs. Beautiful work as always, Jo, you rule. 🙂 xoxo

    1. Thanks Julie! It was such a lovely pattern to work with, I always love how with Little Dorrit & Co patterns there’s lots of excuses to use different stitches.

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