5 things I liked this week -5/2/16

  1. George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces is a bit of a Grand Designs clone but unlike Kevin McCloud, who just stands around going “oh dear’, Clarke does help a bit more. In the episode I saw on Saturday night Clarke was following a man who was making a houseboat out of a shipping container for £50,000. The resulting houseboat was absolutely lovely but it had all these space saving things, like a bed which you separate to get to the wardrobe underneath (which you’d need living somewhere that small) and as much as I’d like to live somewhere that gorgeous, I know me, no way could I be bothered to pull apart my bed, no matter how smooth and on rollers it is, to get to my wardrobe, all my clothes would guaranteed be piled on the floor within less than a week.
image credit: ES Homes & Property

2. Rich Hall on The News Quiz, with a particularly funny rant about Americans and guns.

3. You’ve seen a dinosaur do parkour (scroll down a bit), now watch a dinosaur ice skate!

4. This one is a bit bittersweet, Boy Lacer has been on a residential trip all week, so I’ve been having a glimpse of what life will be like without having to do the school run, cue showers / baths in the morning *shock* and more time to do work as Girl Lacer doesn’t get in till later. I will miss doing the school run though, only a year or two left.


image credit: Society6

I love this laptop sleeve by Words Brand from Society6, in fact I pretty much love all Words Brand stuff and on everything.




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